Oooh, glamour! The Beyond Retro Christmas countdown has begun and we’re wearing glitter! Coming over like an 80s soap queen is always a bit of a dress-up dream for me, so when the stores unveiled their ‘Dallas’ inspired festive theme, complete with showy puffball shoulders and ruffle skirts, I was fighting (well, what else can you do in soapland?!) to be first in line! Taking tips from the Ewing style tribe (a formidable bunch, I fear!), I recommend you dig, Beyond Retro deep, to find a glitzy tycoon of a wardrobe!  Get giant-shoulder gems (Sue Ellen), block-colour flared jumpsuits (young, hair-chewing Lucy), fuschia pink cocktail shifts (grown-up, hair-twirling Lucy), turtleneck tops and polka dot blouses (‘flare for fashion’ Pamela!), slightly see-thru mint green lingerie (Sue Ellen in nervous breakdown mode)! This is so exciting! I feel like I’m getting the trash-glam supreme Christmas of my dreams! And if you guys get down into the Dallas spirit too (Bobby Ewing did big collars and parkas, JR was all about the bandana – swoon!)  then there’s a chance I’ll even get my cowboy!
November 30, 2010 — Beyond Retro
Tags: imported