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Hallowe'en Dress-Up Guide: Teen Wolf

Posted on October 24 2011

Oooooooooooooow.  With Hallowe'en only a week away, costume choices are thinning out quicker than you can say werewolf.  But at Beyond Retro, our pursuit to delight and terrify with our Hallowe'en guides is a relentless joy.  With rails and rails of fabulous vintage, it’s hard to miss perfect party pieces that build into the most horrible of costumes.  And for us, Hallowe'en is our favourite time of year so we just love to dig up old pieces and spray a bit of horror on them. Seriously, come check out our shop this week to see how serious we are with dressing up… If you need a bit of help in the costume department, then have a glance over our fancy dress guides that not only tick all the gory boxes, but remain perfectly covetable all year round – just make sure you wash all that fake blood out, it can look pretty gruesome come Christmas… We’re all about classic horror films here at Beyond Retro.  Not only do we love to be scared out of our wits, but they’re the perfect source of inspiration for our costumes.  One of the raddest films of all times for this is Teen Wolf.  Not as terrifying as An American Werewolf In London (no kidding, that transformation scene is scaaa-reeey), but Michael J Fox’s take is still pretty classic.  Literally borrowing pieces from his Marty McFly days with his baseball jacket and stonewash jeans, only this time with hairier hands and mighty big teeth.  Whip on your converse, pull on your mask and practice your howl to get ready to set off into the night.

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