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Hallowe'en Dress-Up Guide: Ringmaster

Posted on October 19 2011

Roll Up! Roll Up! Come see the stupendous, the delightful, the marvelous rrrrrrrrrrrring master!  If you're someone who demands attention, respect and eyes on you at all times, then you should  try our Hallowe'en ringmaster costume.  Simple colour palettes of red, white and black with the odd glimmer of gold make this is an easy, yet strong look to pull off.  Take note from Moulin Rouge's Harold Zidler with a pinch of Bill "The Butcher" Cutting from Gangs of New York for that gruesome edge.  Stick on an OTT tash, pull up your riding boots and pop into one of our stores for your whip.  Yes that's right, we said whip.  And be nice.

1970s Dress Shirt £22 | Top Hat £45 | Red Blazer £25 | Waistcoat £16 | Bow Tie £8 | Trousers £15 | 1950s Evening Jacket £95