Halloween is just around the corner and we are scaring ourselves silly with all the creepy costume ideas in-store.  We’ve been meticulously putting together kooky and creepy looks for this spooky time of year and, boy, are you guys lucky… Why bother getting a boring old costume from the local supermarket that is far too small and, let’s face it, fairly unimaginative!  Make an impact on the 31st October wherever you may be with Beyond Retro’s Halloween Guide, with looks from Michael Jackson to Dolly Parton.  And what’s best, you can wear bits from your costume all year round without looking daft! For the next two weeks, we’ll be giving you lucky folks a look a day.  That’s 10 days’ worth of costumes to choose from.  And don’t forget, we have even more ideas for you with our in-store guides with hundreds more bewitching styles to feast your eyes upon. We begin our proceedings with the princess of the Sixties; Miss Edie Sedgwick.  A troubled little soul with fabulous fashion sense, this former muse of the great Andy Warhol was coined the Poor Little Rich Girl after her first feature film of the same title, and Warhol’s first Superstar. After her untimely death at 28, she left behind a style legacy that still lives on today with her gamine looks, peroxide blonde pixie cut and lashings of mascara and kohl. Opaque tights, leotards and chandelier earrings were her signature look, with the obligatory shift dress or striped jumper every once in a while…  Get this look with super short dresses, sequins and bug-eye glasses with a bit a nutty personality thrown in for good measure.  And if chopping your hair off into a bleached crop, then maybe pick one from the variety of fabulous wigs out there…

Lace Leotard £21 | Striped Jumper £20 | Black Straw Hat £12Mod Strappy Dress £24 | Studded Tights £12 | Sequinned Evening Top £28

October 17, 2011 — Beyond Retro
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