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Great Costume Ideas from Iconic Vintage Movies

Posted on October 17 2019

Goth Christmas is just around the corner and we urge you to take out your pigtails, there will be enough Harlequin’s this Halloween. 

To help you come up with some fresh ideas, we’ve selected some of the most stylish characters from some of the most stylish movies to inspire you this Halloween.

From 101 Dalmatians to Midnight Cowboy, we’ve got you covered, whoever you are. 

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a timeless, high-brow piece of cinema. Full of zingy one-liners and the wardrobe to boot, the film is a classic.

Arguably the most quotable film of all time, there, I said it! I said it!

It’s hard to pick just one favourite line, but Karen Smith chortling “I’m a mouse, duh” at a Halloween party is a sure contender. 

Dress as Karen this Halloween by donning a vintage slip dress, a pink silk scarf to cinch in your waist and mouse ears, duh. 

Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls, 2004.


Clueless portrayed an idealistic version of school.

Beverly hills teenagers with conveyor belt wardrobes who wear Alaia cocktail dresses and drive white Jeep Wranglers, side-swiping cars with no consequences. We can only dream!

With the lifestyle and wardrobe to boot, those girls took us to school.

Clueless is a maximalist dream come to life, with tartan and ostrich feathers galore.

Channel Cher and co this Halloween with a vintage tartan mini. Thigh-high socks compulsory. 

Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz, Clueless, 1995. 


101 Dalmatians

On a slightly different note, 101 Dalmatians!

Cruella DeVille is the ultimate villain; the female id. 

The inhibited and unabashed pleasure she gets from wearing that Siberian Tiget fur coat is ... unmatched!

 Whilst we don't condone real fur, faux is ... well ... fabulous!  

Cruella DaVille in Disney's 1996 adapation. 

Clockwork Orange

Even if you’ve never seen Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, you know the look.

A long-established Halloween staple, the looks of Alex DeLarge and his ‘droogs’ are easy to replicate: a white shirt, white trousers, white braces and a white cricket codpiece with the few black details of a black bowler and boots to stand out sharply. 

Malcolm Mcdowell in A Clockwork Orange, 1971.

Black Wool Hat, £25. 

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a visual embodiment of the glam rock phenomenon. 

A visually flamboyant style that ripped through the wardrobes of young men and women in the early 70s. 

Clad yourself in glitter and lace and do the time-warp in style this Halloween.

Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975. 

Fishnet Tights, £6. 


Drew Barrymore has the quintessential 90s style; an artillery of dungarees, crucifix necklaces, knotted grungy plaid shirts and battered leather jackets. 

If you’re as much of a vintage aficionado as we are, you’re sure to have all of those items in your wardrobe already. 

Drew Barrymore's character birthed the Scream franchise with a simple question: "Do you like scary movies?". Wearing mom jeans and an oatmeal sweater, channel an icon this Halloween.

Drew Barrymore in Scream, 1996. 

Taxi Driver

Jodie Foster's Irish "Easy" Steensma, the 12-year-old prostitute upon whom Robert De Niro's Travis Bickle becomes intent on "saving". 

Politics of the movie aside, Irish has a killer 70s wardrobe. 

Halter tops, hot pants, and platform shoes have secured Iris' wardrobe a place in pop culture history.

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, 1976.

Midnight Cowboy

Starring Jon Vought, the movie follows the life of a young man from Texas who quits his job and moves to New York City.

Heavily donned in Western wear, his suede jacket has stood the test of time. In a world of obsessed with the wild west, this is costume is sure to be a bonafide success this Halloween. 

Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, 1969. 



If you’ve enjoyed this, be sure to check out our 2019 Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas for some more spooky inspiration! Don't forget you can celebrate Halloween with Beyond Retro through an array of events we are hosting, and once the party is over you can recycle your Halloween costume back to us and receive  £5 voucher!

Words Chardonnay West

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