Think Love! Big wedding dresses, hats that look like dainty flowers, graceful petticoats and effervescent frills. 'Tis the season to be elegant! And so vintage fashion recalls the stylish spirit of 'Gigi' and her Parisian love story. Dare to wear lace gloves, top hats, feathers and bows! At Cheshire Street, we're wowed (yet again!) by Kristofj's display. Intrigue, charm and bourgeois rituals run through the romantic narrative of this scene. Beautiful, vintage couture dresses and smart suits provide artifice, but check out the black and white steamy sartorial style! This is one fashion look that will see us all through till Spring!There's a romantic narrative running through these old clothes!Gigi's wedding guest wears a beautiful vintage cape!Black and White makes for steamy sartorial style
February 17, 2010 — Beyond Retro
Tags: imported