Glamour girls and boys of Brighton town, we are ready! The annual ‘Pride’ festival is a Beyond Retro dream! Playing dress-up is our favourite year round pastime anyway, so we love nothing more than a party and a parade to show off our abundant selection of dresses in every colour, texture and glitterway. Whether you are heading to the champagne reception, the 5-aside tournament or the summer parade itself, Beyond Retro have a huge range of adornments fit for a darling king or a sometime queen! Overflowing with sequins, feathers and carnival sparkles, our large scale Brighton shop is inviting you to mix and mismatch to perfection! Our frills, ruffles and wig creations add colour and grace for extra costume drama! (A great look indeed, if scorching the literary ‘Pride and No Prejudice’ theme of this year’s bash!) Or you can seize the scissors and make for yourself a performance piece to treasure! One-off wonders appearing on our jam-packed £10 rail include party frocks, cocktail silks and diamond corsets. A very vibrant, kaleidoscopic festival beckons! But in these clothes, it’s a romance just waiting to happen! Beyond Retro, 42 Vine Street, Brighton, BN1 4AG. Tel: 01273 671 937Rainbow Eyes at Beyond Retro!Sparkly Shoes We have a specially selected, handpicked collection of clothing and accessories for sale in advance of the Pride Festival, taking place in Brighton, 31 July – 8 August 2010. We also have a dedicated £10 rail of festival styles!
July 05, 2010 — Beyond Retro
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