The hugely popular 'Barbican' exhibition, 'Future Beauty: 30 Year of Japanese Fashion', provided my weekend with the perfect adventure in fashion anthropology. A must see for anyone who loves fashion, culture and innovation. During my visit I spied a familiar and flamboyant face looking up at me from a leaflet in the gallery. It was none other than Beyond Retro favourite Gabby Young, of the deliriously wonderful 'Gabby Young and Other Animals'. The group, or should that be troupe, will be preforming this Saturday along with 'The Irrespressibles' as part of the Barbican's 'Future Beauty and Disruption: A Fashion Performance'. Gabby Young and her band offer an aural assault, mixing circus, swing, folk, anti-folk, jazz and burlesque influences to create a truly unique sound matched only by the visual delights of their on-stage theatrics and Beyond Retro outfits! While 'The Irrepressibles' are described as a  ‘performance orchestra’, fusing classical orchestrations with pop melodies and soaring vocals all placed within conceptual sets to create an extraordinary live spectacle. Trust us, this is one performance you won't want to miss! More info and tickets here
January 26, 2011 — Beyond Retro
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