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Dress Like Your Dad at Beyond Retro!

Posted on November 19 2010

Here’s one for the girls!  Everyone knows that, by default, our first fashion role model, is probably our mother. So that will be  kooky lace mash-ups, pie crust collars and swing skirts for me! (I’m saying nothing…) But  this season, it’s the Dad’s, who emerge from the style shadows to show you a thing or two about dressing up! Suddenly, girls are scorching skinny belts over short (read rolled-up) trousers, waistcoats and getting tempted by trousers suits (the ‘Annie Hall’ effect lives!) This new found androgyny has been burning for a while now, with ‘boyfriend’ jackets being on the best-seller list for weeks, but interestingly, the leading looks are engaging femininity. Stuffy tweeds are suddenly sassy when given a belted twist. Waistcoats work as a dress down favourite, if you remember to team them with shorts, and faded rock t-shirts are always going to look better on the girls!   These new tom-boys may be taking over the town, but it’s the uber-elegant edge we secretly adore! Girls can now make a bow tie, teamed with a plain shirt,  look flouncy  and fabulous and continued oversize cardigan love can be seen as  a hip triumph for armchair knits! So, give up morphing into a mini version of your mum and raid those Dad rails for a bygone trail of bad boy vintage! Here's my brilliant intern Laura showing you how it's done, the Beyond Retro way!Oversized tees and skinny belts!Keeping the cowboy cool!Tweed gets a girlover!