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Dream Nails : Girl Band Realness

Posted on November 13 2017

Self-identified 'Feminist Punk Witches' Dream Nails formed in London back in 2015, and have since played sell-out UK shows & festival giant Glastonbury. And of course, their huge fans of us here at Beyond Retro!

So we spoke to the girls about their new single, their style influences and what it means to be an all-girl band in the London DIY punk scene.

Could you tell us a little bit about your new track “Tourist”?

Janey: It’s about taking the power back from men who prey on you when you’re vulnerable, and get a buzz off the power they hold. They really fetishise female sadness and see you as some mysterious quest, playing tricks to make you emotionally attached and then abusing that power.

Anya: It’s gross but all too common!

Lucy: It’s fun and frantic. My favourite of Janey’s lyrics is: ‘you want somewhere to stay? STAY AWAY FROM ME!’


The video takes place along the Margate seafront but which was the most fun scene to shoot IRL?

Janey: The most fun scene to shoot was definitely in the car. I’ve never driven an old car like that and I felt like I was in Legoland!

Lucy: It wasn’t in the video much, but we did a whole sequence towards the end of the day on an inflatable unicorn we named Delilah. Blowing up, riding, and consequently deflating that badass, multicoloured, plastic babe on camera was a personal highlight of the day. Possibly my life.

Anya: Dancing together on some broken benches outside a gay club on the promenade in broad daylight, people walking past, us giving zero fucks throughout.


What’s your favourite thing about the DIY punk scene?

Janey: The community support and real, genuine rooting for each other. In such a hostile, competitive world it’s so nourishing to feel like you’re safe to experiment and have fun expressing yourself.

Lucy: The inclusivity and accessibility of it. It’s never judgemental and always sincere. Anya: The band names always make me laugh. One of my favourite bands is called SH!tS!CK. That’s masterful.

Mimi: Everyone is always taking care of each other, and no one acts entitled.


Why is it important for girls to be getting involved?

Janey: Because what girls and nonbinary people have to sing about is really important! The music industry is such a sausage fest and men don’t think twice about sharing their perspective on things - it’s important to balance that out and collectively voice our experiences.

Anya: And it’s so fun, I laugh til I wanna be sick when I’m touring with Dream Nails. So do it to have fun and grow your confidence!

Lucy: We say to women: “have the confidence of a mediocre man”. I think it’s a fitting sentiment to just leave right here.

Mimi: I feel most people, like myself, are just so bored of the male point of view. It’s so refreshing to see yourself in something else.


Who are your main musical influences?

Lucy: The Slits, specifically Viv Albertine. Also Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Wanda Jackson as rock-and-roll foremothers.

Janey: Sharon Jones, rest in peace. What a phenomenal soul singer and brilliant stage presence.

Anya: Sleater-Kinney, Spoon and Sacred Paws.

Mimi: The Pixies, Kathleen Hanna and FIDLAR


What about style influences?

Mimi: I’m influenced by my piano; black, white, and long.

Janey: I can’t really name a person who I like the style of or have tried to copy, to be honest, I just look for clothes that suit my figure. That’s pretty much it.

Anya: I guess I wear vintage clothes and stuff from charity shops the most.

Lucy: Genuinely don’t know. I’m not consistent enough as a person to have a true sense of style, but I hope to develop one. Practical dressers, perhaps. I do like the boots that TFL workers wear, for example.


If you could wear anything for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Janey: Hello Kitty fleece pyjamas. I wish it was socially acceptable to wear them all day every day.

Lucy: Boots. Serious, flat boots with chunky soles. When I was little I used to call these kinds of boots my ‘stompers’, and the same still goes.

Anya: Black denim dungarees and a patterned shirt!

Mimi: Dr Martens, and a long loose dress, probably black. I feel like this needs to be my uniform now.


Got any words of wisdom for the Beyond Retro customer?

Janey: Vaseline is a myth, it actually doesn’t moisturise your lips and is made of petrol byproduct - ewww. Your skin can only really absorb shea butter or coconut oil based lip balms.

Anya: One of our favourite sayings is ‘No game, no chill’. See what happens when you apply that to your life.

Lucy: Charge your quartz crystal as frequently as you charge your iPhone. You need that sweet power in this cold, cold world.

Mimi: Trust your gut, it’s always right!

Hannah: When you're buying clothes, think about it as a curation of your wardrobe. Do you really love the piece, and will you love it forever - or at least for a long time? If not, then don't buy it. You'll be saving money and the planet!


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Video Directed by Jade Jackman and Natalie Pitters as Director of Photography.
Clothing: Beyond Retro LABEL.