It's easy to get swept up with consumerism and materialistic values around Christmas time. After all, the holiday's patron saint is a bearded fat-man, birthed from an advert for Coca Cola. 

There's no need to forget your values around the festive season, however, and you can (and should) continue your practices of mindfulness and sustainable, January through to December.

At Beyond Retro, we understand it can be hard, and we're here to help. Keep reading for our five, ingenuous eco-hacks to ensure you have the most green Christmas yet.

1. Ditch The Wrapping Paper

This Christmas, ditch the wrapping paper. 

Not only will it save you a lot of time usually spent tidying up on Christmas morning, but its the environmentally friendly alternative too. 

Instead, choose to wrap with a silk scarf this Christmas. We sell them in sets of three online or have buckets full of them in our several UK and Sweden locations.

Vintage Scarves as Wrapping Paper

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2. Have A Vegan Or Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Not so much an eco-hack as a lifestyle adjustment, going vegan or vegetarian is one of the easiest things you can to help the planet.

Beyond Retro is a judgment-free zone, so we don't mean you have to cut meat out of your diet cold turkey (excuse the pun). 

Even having meat-free Mondays is enough to help our beautiful planet. 

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner with Sprouts
You can find some incredible recipes here

3. Reuse Old Greeting Cards As Decorations

Old greeting cards have a multitude of uses.

They can be used to create gift tags for your loved ones. Also use punched card discs to make a colourful Christmas garland for your tree, tabletop or simply strung up for a party!

DIY Christmas Card Decorations

4. And speaking of ... Make Your Own Decorations, Too!

Old greeting cards are simply one way you can create your own Christmas decorations.

Last-minute parties are generally decorated with last-minute, cheap tinsel bought from discount high street shops, with a heavy carbon footprint. 

This year, try making your own Christmas decorations. From crafting your own Christmas bauble to your own scented candle, the possibilities for creativity are endless. 

At Beyond Retro, we teamed up with Pretty Wild to host a wreath-making workshop. Another fun idea to try!

Homemade Christmas Wreath

5. Make Your Own Christmas Jumpers

If you're looking to create a little Christmas cheer and have an old jumper in your wardrobe, consider upcycling it!

You could get artsy-craftsy and decorate an old cardigan with pom-poms,  or lean into kitsch territory with a Frosty the Snowman DIY jumper. Alternatively, shop for your Christmas jumper in vintage and second-hand shops. 

Charity Save The Children also offers a box of 200 festive "Christmas Jumper Day" badges for £40, enough to decorate the entire families' ordinary jumpers, and then some. 

6. Bonus Round: And if All Else Fails, At Least Shop Vintage!

We stock a wide variety of vintage Christmas jumpers, an ethical way to join in the fun of Christmas jumper day without contributing to the problem of stuff our planet has!

For more ethical Christmas tips, read our 2019 Gift Guide for all your sustainable gifting needs! We also a cohesive guide on how to shop vintage for your loved ones!

December 13, 2019 — Alana Doyle