Pride is nearly here and we could not be more excited! Which is why we are offering glitter makeovers in our Soho store on Saturday the 8th by the fabulous Disco Dust London! 

The Disco Dust team will be providing an amazing range of glittery transformations from:

Colours of the Rainbow

Wear the colours of Pride loud and proud! Let Disco Dust transform your face into a colourful, glittery thing of beauty! 


Highlighted Cheekbones!

Who needs highlighter when you’ve got glitter?! Carve your face and let those cheekbones sparkle! 


Moon-shaped Madness

Accentuate your lovely eyes with some fabulous glitter! Windows to the soul, star of the show!


Amazing Root Coverage


Didn’t have time to get your roots done before the Pride celebrations? No worries! Head to Soho and Disco Dust will turn them into statement roots you’ll wanna show off! 

All of these great designs, plus customised, if you ask nicely, could be yours for £5-10! So head down to Soho this Saturday between 11am and 4:30pm for some glamourous Disco Dust treatment! Happy Pride everyone! 


July 06, 2017 — Mary Costello