Just in time for Halloween, Beyond Retro presents you with our thorough rundown of the most iconic club kids for you to channel this Party Season.

We must add, this doesn’t mean that we deem these creatures of the night as odd - but quite the opposite, we admire them, their style and their ethos.

It’s hard to shine bright in a club in which everyone is wearing their best outfit, but these club kids managed it somehow. 

Keep reading for some serious inspiration and lessons in how to steal the spotlight! 

Beyond Retro's Club Kid Icons



The one, the only: RuPaul! 

RuPaul now is a household name - many thanks to a successful little show you might have heard of called RuPaul’s Drag Race

But in the 1980s, RuPaul was queen of the New York club scene. Hailing from San Diego, RuPaul moved to Atlanta and later New York, where they experimented with ‘gender fuck’ and ‘black hooker’ aesthetics. 

RuPaul told i-D magazine in 2015 that they would wear “combat boots and torn wedding dresses”, so channel Ru this Halloween with exactly those items!

Shop our vintage wedding dresses and then … rip them to shreds! 

RuPaul in the 1980s

Floral Lace Wedding Dress. 

Amanda Lepore 

Transgender nightlife diva Amanda Lepore is more than a legend.

Amanda Lepore is a myth.

Known for her larger-than-life night looks, Amanda Lepore’s presentation is hyper-feminine, in the vein of Marilyn Monroe. 

You can channel her by donning a ballgown, a red lip, and the type of confidence only money can buy!

Amanda Lepore in 2014

Silk Beaded Party Dress

James St James

James St James is a television personality, an author, a celebutante ... but back then, he was the club kid. 

From the same era as club kid legends RuPaul and Amanda Lepore, James St James was a fan of lavish colours and patterns.

Channel James this party season with a coloured fur, faux, of course.

James St James in the 1980s

Single Breasted Faux Fur Coat

Desmond Napoles

Desmond Napoles is a new generation of club kid; a club kid that thrives more in the light of day than the fluorescent lights of the club.

Mainly because Desmond Napoles is 12 years old.

A self-professed “androgynous drag kid”, they love dressing up and make outfits out of anything they can get their hands on.

Channel Desmond this party season with a party dress and a pair of paper eye-lashes!

Desmond Napoles in 2018

1960s Sequined Evening Jacket


Milk is a product of the aforementioned RuPaul’s show. 

A Drag Race alumni with a penchant for turning a look on dancefloors across New York, Milk favours an in-your-face-gender-bending version of drag.

A penchant for bold prints, you can channel this dairy queens aesthetic with a vintage printed shirt of your own. 

Milk in 2017.

Animal Print Hawaiian Shirt

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October 08, 2019 — Chardonnay West