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Christmas Waistcoats Are Festive Seasons Secret Weapon

Posted on November 28 2019

When we say waistcoats, you most likely think of menswear and private school uniforms, but waistcoats have inconspicuously been moving into trendier territory for the latter half of the 20th century.

In the 1970s there were suede, fringe waistcoats; in the 1980s there were sporty puffers; in the 1980s there were oversized denim vests; the noughties saw shrunken waistcoats worn alone as tops or layered over tanks. 

In 2019, we have the Christmas waistcoat. The sleeveless silhouette is making its way back onto the scene this season, just in time for Christmas. 

Keep reading for our top tips on how to style the Christmas waistcoat this festive season, without looking like Uncle Bryn from Gavin and Stacey, but also keep reading for our top tips on how to style the Christmas waistcoat this festive season, and look like Uncle Bryn if that’s your thing. 

1. If you wish to look chic …

Yes, you heard us. You can look chic in a Christmas waistcoat.

Avoid shades of forest green and red, and opt for a Christmas waistcoat in a classic black colouring, with embellishments or embroideries of jewels and Christmas flowers.

The black colouring will give you a sleek silhouette, and the adornments that decorate the waistcoat will allow you to have more fun with your accessorising,  of which you can match to your waistcoat for instance: a red flower to a red lip, a silver embellishment to a silver necklace.

Floral Knit Vest.

2. If you wish to look cool … 

Cool, not to be confused with chic, is more trend-led. 

Waistcoat trends of the season, such as utility-wear, should be incorporated here.

Lean towards bold palettes, and oversized silhouettes, and pair the Christmas waistcoat with a boxy, oversized tee for a simple and cool Christmas day outfit.

This 1990s festive vest is on trend with its metal hardware feature and striking red colouring. 


Festive Vest.

3. If you wish to embrace the novelty … 

Whilst the Christmas waistcoat can be styled in ways to avoid looking like Colin Firth in Bridget Jones, in our humble opinion, one of the most fun ways to wear the Christmas waistcoat is to embrace the novelty.

If your Christmas waistcoat doesn’t jingle when you walk, what’s even the point? 

Label Christmas Vest With Bells.

4. If you wish to look like your dad … 

We, at Beyond Retro, have been lusting over dad-chic for a while now. 

You might remember our in-depth look into the dad-chic trend that took over your Instagram feeds this summer, and you can embrace the trend all through winter with the help of the Christmas waistcoat. 

Think Chandler Bing, and you’ve got this look nailed.

Nordic Vest.

5. If you wish to look high fashion … 

Through caution to the wind, and embrace the wild side of life!

Mix patterns, mix colours, mix fabrics! Luckily, Christmas waistcoats are a dynamic festive season essential that have the power to be dressed up and dressed down - the Christmas waistcoat can be worn as a statement piece, as much as it can be worn as a layering or neutral piece!  

Pair your favourite Christmas waistcoat with your favourite outfit, channelling the girls of Man Repeller.

We hope you now feel well equipped to tackle one of Christmas trickiest style conventions, and you can find more vintage Christmas inspiration in our How To Shop Vintage For Your Loved Ones Guide. You can also shop our Curated Christmas selection online now.

Words Chardonnay West
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