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Blood Red Shoes Design for Beyond Retro!

Posted on February 16 2010

It's rare that I get over excited by a simple tie! I spend my days on planet fashion, so sequins, sparkles and the odd ball dress are never out of the question. But sometimes, we are reminded that formal wear doesn't need to be boring. Take this preppy tie, customized to rock star perfection by none other than Steven Ansell from my favourite fuzzy guitar group, 'Blood Red Shoes'. Turning a country pursuit into high fashion fodder, he's made this stag into a bit of a night-time stud! And why not? It's all for the good of design, and to feed our imagination as we prepare for Beyond Retro's next outdoor exhibition! We're still accepting entries for our fabulous 'Project Recycle' competition, where we are asking you to give a little love to some old 'Supersweet' magazines and turn them into works of fashion art!  Come April, you can expect our 'East End Lights' fair to dazzle with imaginative clothing creations, just like these indie inspired gems! We'll be exhibiting the best entries on our exterior lightboxes at our Cheshire Street store and inviting y'all down to take a peek! Beware: Old skirts will be stitched together, pom pom boots will be built from decadent print and bobbly yarn and you'll have the chance to look fabulous in something you crafted yourself! Pick up your copies of' Supersweet' in Beyond Retro stores across London now! Or see here for more details! There's still time to enter! If it's good enough for rock stars!...
Because Even Stags Need Fashion Love
Because Even Stags Need Fashion Love
Of course, geek chic is never complete without a customary pair of specs!Hats off to Laura-Mary Carter from Blood Red Shoes for her creation!