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#beyond10: Staff Profiles ? 1

Posted on May 11 2012

By now you should know that this year sees us celebrating our 10th Anniversary since opening the first Beyond Retro in east London. As we celebrate with a week's worth of events and look forward to the next ten years, we're also looking back to say thanks, not only to you, our customers, but also to the staff who have helped us to become what we are over the last decade. Some pretty big personalities have graced us with their presence; over the next few days we'll be talking to a few of them both past and present. Up first, Hemant Gohil...


Hemant Gohil

Position at Beyond Retro

Sales clerk? Worker Chump? Canadian dude?



Where do you live?

Parkdale, Toronoto

What are you doing now?

Nuttin' fancy. I came back to Canada, became a nurse and started working with the homeless... Fun! But serious...

Right now I'm loving...

Moon Boots. It's like the future - but now!

A favourite piece of vintage clothing that I own is..

A tatty plaid gabardine shirt that no one wanted even when it was on the pound rail. I brought it home, added to the darling darning that someone had done fifty years ago and then added a button. That was ten years ago and I still have it.

A designer that inspires me is...

"You don' t need fashion designers when you are young. Have faith in your own bad taste" - John Walters. Amen.

A person whose style I admire is...

Big Joe - he has written all of his rants, delusions and hit list all over his oversized parka. A statement piece if ever I saw one!

My biggest fashion splurge was...

$24.99 for a pair of mint Dayton Driver boots at Value Village. That was a costly visit, I'm telling you...

If I could time-travel to another fashion era it would be...

I'd say 2003-2004 at Beyond Retro. Every 15 minutes involved an outfit change, seriously... It was a fashion era in a sense, for me anyway.

I shop...

I don't really "shop"; I call it "foraging". Oversized? I'll grow into it! Factory irregular? Sounds like my last beau! Stained? Not blood? I'll take it! Ripped? Torn? Has me in stitches!

The outfit I'd like to be buried in is...

Barefoot in green sequinned mermaid dress. And a sash that says "Goodbye my Coney-Island Baby". And a ghetto blaster on my lap blasting "Strange Powers" by the Magnetic Fields.

A funny thing that happened to me at Beyond Retro:

I got sooo wasted. You might think I'm kidding. I moved back to Canada with a serious problem.

I would like to be remembered at Beyond Retro for...

Calling the store cat "Mingey". I loved her to pieces, especially when she got into the curry warehouse and was walking around stained orange for a week. And the rats she would lovingly drop at people's feet and bat around. Aww, bless. Oh, and painting the floor! The fumes made me high and a seriously cheap date for a week.