With one cricket match and it's gone. Sigh. We'll just have to wait for the Christmas special for our next hit of Downton Abbey. Not-so-surprisingly, this period drama is one of our favourite things on the telebox right now (thank the lord for Homeland or else it's a painful couple weeks of only the X Factor), but some of us vintage-lovers take the roaring '20s a bit more seriously than Sunday evening TV. LOOK Magazine featured not one, not two (and not even three) Beyond Retro staff members but FOUR, as big advocates of this roaring decade. Meet Beyond Retro Soho's visual merchandiser Kelly-Marie, our pricer Jessica plus former staff members Rob and Amber in all their finery. Their love for the twenties doesn't end with Downton Abbey and with the party season just around the corner, read her for some tips on how to look flapper friendly this Christmas.

November 05, 2012 — Beyond Retro
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