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Beyond Retro Goes Topsy Turvy!

Posted on November 19 2010

My topsy-turvy fashion head loves our latest visual display! The mixed-up pattern, texture and colour palette of ‘Grey Gardens’ brings together everything I love about dressing up! Extravagant but not extrovert, fancy but never posh and about as far removed from ‘matchy-matchy’ as fashion can get! (from a girl who would never knowingly team a bag and shoe combo!) It’s an explosion of cosy versus cool and it makes me feel fuzzy inside! Besides, ‘Little Edie’ always looked like a loopy, lopsided fashion illustration. Since it earned her Marc Jacobs muse status years later, I can think of no greater way to have lived your fashion life!
Grey Gardens
Add a touch of Russian!
Just Throw it all on Together!
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