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Beyond Retro Cares For Super Market!!

Posted on September 29 2010

I know it's a bit wrong, but ever since I saw Katie Price being really mean to Peter Andre in the celebrity jungle, I decided I quite liked him! It wasn't even ironic, it was warmer than that, OK?! So, when this flyer (one of many, many we get sent!), that same 'caring' feeling washed over me!  I wanted to share the Andre love the Super Market club promoters were clearly feeling when they came up with this as a 'come to my club nite' lure! Or maybe they just liked his pants! Whatever! I thought I'd let you know about a new night at the Avalon venue in Shoreditch High Street. Launching on Friday 1st October! It's going to play lots of '80s tunes, lots of A-Ha (oh, another forelorn love tale, right!) and lots of  Destiny's Child (well, everyone loves vintage Beyonce, don't they?). Right, nostalgic sobathon over for the teen hearthrob generation, I just saw the other flyer! It's a  Paris / Chantelle hybrid (who, demonstrated in the  image here, can't seem to apply her lipstick properly)! She, I definitely have no sympathy for...The tunes might still be worth it though! Launch Night: Friday, 1st October at Avalon. Then every Friday from 15th October.Maybe they liked his pants!
The 'pink-brained' one struggles with a lopsided lipstick malfunction!