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Bank Holiday Weekend Edit!

Posted on May 02 2014

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It's a double whammy! It's a bank holiday weekend (again) PLUS we're OPEN for business! That's a 3 days of vintage clobber just waiting to be snatched off the rails. Now don't say we never treat ya. 

If ever there was an excuse to go out and enjoy London, or indeed Brighton, a bank holiday is it! Let the stress of the daily grind lift from your shoulders,make the most of your long weekend as you peruse our stores and indulge in the ultimate escapism.

Get lost in a warehouse bursting with vintage treasures. This ain't your average retail store, our large-scale, show-stopping stores are a dazzling celebration of style through the decades. Selling a vast array of  20th-century attire, we've got the weird, the wonderful in all its outrageous and exotic glory. Go on... indulge!


Has Coachella got you in the mood for festival season? Yup us too. It's time to start prepping your wardrobe and embrace festival nostalgia in all its glory! The summer of love vibe is back and it's back with a bang. So think laid-back sixties style with fringing, Navajo details, flower headpieces and floaty skirts.

But where did it all start? We’ve all heard of the now legendary rock music and psychedelic drug induced hippiefest that was  ‘Woodstock’, but what was it that kick-started this now iconic event? The organizers of Woodstock were four young men: John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and Mike Lang. The oldest of the four was only 27 years - Roberts was the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, and his friend Rosenman were looking for a way to use Roberts' money to invest the money. After placing an ad in The New York Times that stated: "Young men with unlimited capital looking for interesting, legitimate investment opportunities and business propositions," they met Kornfeld and Lang. Kornfeld and Lang's original proposal was to build a recording studio and a retreat for rock musicians up in Woodstock, New York. This idea then morphed into creating a two-day rock concert for 50,000 people with the hope that the concert would raise enough money to pay for the studio.

The four young men then got to work on organizing a large music festival. Despite numerous setbacks, which included laws passed to ban the festival from the original site of choice, construction of the stage and site was barely finished in time, the festival had not been properly cordoned off in time and thousands of people simply walked straight through forcing the organizers to make the festival free. The rumor of this amazing free  festival spread and nearly a million people headed over in the hopes to get in. A whopping 500 000 made it inside. No-one had expected this kind of capacity and the festival had to use a helicopter to get the artists from their hotels to the stage. Richie Havens was the one who officially opened the festival on Friday the 15th of August. The music continued playing until Monday morning, with the likes of Santana, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead and The Who, just to name a few. The legend Jimi Hendrix had the honor of finishing the very first Woodstock. When the festival was over the organizers were left with 70 lawsuits against them, and over $1 million in debt. But it is still safe to say that it was a great success, and set the standard for every festival which followed.


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Come and purchase a pair of sunnies... people will think you're famous. Starting £8!



Dalston Beyon Retro CAFE: Fill up on your vitamins with our lovely fresh smoothies!


LCF MA Costume Design for Performance at the V&A- Fri 2nd May:  Join costume design students from the London College of Fashion, Central St Martins, Edinburgh College of Art and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, who have created Shakespeare Tribes and claimed ‘territories’ in the museum. Follow this living exhibition from space to space to see how the tribes interact with each other and their environment. They will question the politics of public space, and explore fantasy and theatricality as expressions of political positions and acts.

Bank Holiday Bowling- All Star Lanes: They're open especially early down Brick Lane so everyone has a chance to enjoy some bowling...and remember it's a Monday so you can enjoy 2 games for £10!

Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho:  Explore the hidden corners and colourful characters of 1950s and early 60s London Soho, as seen through the eyes of John Deakin (1912 - 1972). Before popping into our Soho store... of course! Read about the exhibit and view some of the original negatives- HERE

Happy Vintage Friday's! 

With Love, 

Beyond Retro