What's that we hear you moan...? "Not Christmas already, it's only just been Halloween". Here at Beyond Retro HQ we are prepping for the Yuletide festivities and we would hate for you to miss out, so act soon if you want to get ahead of the curve and snap up one of these bad boys! 

Once the embarrassing gift from your granny, the black sheep of the sweater family is preparing for a full fashion invasion, proving there's truth in the phrase 'one person's tacky is another girl's treasure'.  It's the return of the Christmas Jumper and it ain't for the faint-hearted.

Vintage Christmas Jumper

We all remember the infamous Bridget Jones scene where Mark Darcy (RIP) turns up in a rather fetching roll-neck affair decorated with a reindeer. The sweater has come along way since the days of Timmy Mallet (who'd have thought he was ahead of his time in the fashion stakes?) and much of this can be attributed to the hipster.

Vintage Christmas Jumper

Black Christmas Jumper 

'Ugly Christmas Jumper' parties thrown by undergrads in Vancouver ensured that the competition for the most vile Christmas garb spread like wild fire amongst the urban bohemian youth. Any fans of the popular Danish thriller, 'The Killing'? Well, Sarah sure does rock those fair isle knits and has single-handedly popularized an array of snowflake patterned jumpers.

Vintage Christmas Jumpers At Beyond Retro

There's something of a comical irony in wearing sweaters of this variety and, whether it's that or the desire to go back to the home comforts of childhood Christmases, somewhere along the line they've become popular with fashionistas and the mainstream alike.

Vintage Christmas Jumpers From Beyond Retro

Green Christmas Sweater

So the ugly jumper has made a come back, bobbles, sparkles and Christmas trees a plenty; offering a generous helping of Christmas cheese to all. The so-bad-they're-good sweaters make for ideal gifts or, let's face it, a little gift to yours truly. 'Tis the season to be jolly, so pull on some festive gear and get ready to spread some good ol' festive cheer!   

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November 09, 2020 — Beyond Retro
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