We had to stop Pamela as soon as we saw her bold outfit today in our Brick Lane store.  Strutting her style all the way from Dagenham in Essex, she is wearing a bold mustard blazer jacket with a chunky eastern print scarf allowing us to see a peep of her white old England style blouse which she has tucked into '80s style high waisted rolled up denim shorts. Whilst searching the rails at Beyond Retro, Pamela's mix of eras and countries in her outfit wowed us all here so much so we just had to take a photo to make it last longer! Pamela says she has a 'passion for outfit creation'  which definitely shows through her accessories from her trilby hat right down to her vintage platform black and white shoes. Her tribal style bangles crowd her wrist giving her the quirky factor, making her a definite vintage fox.
January 04, 2012 — Beyond Retro
Tags: imported