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78 Revolutions

Posted on May 04 2011

Vintage doesn't stop at clothing, so we thought we'd alert you to a little lesson in musical history taking place on the airwaves tomorrow. Our friend Jenny Hammerton, one quarter of glamorous retrochics The Shellac Sisters, will be on Radio 4 at 11.30 to explore why the 78rpm record has lasted so long as a format and continues to be used by young musicians in an age of digital sound files. For more info on the programme, click here. The Shellac Sisters are an aesthetic treat for all vintage lovers; dressing up in all things vintage and playing 78s on 1920s wind up gramophones they've played at an incredible range of venues and events, Beyond Retro of course being at the top of the list! If you haven't already, you can check them out here. Don't forget to tune in to Radio 4 at 11.30 tomorrow - dress for the occasion and enjoy the sound of the stylus in style!