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5 Ways To Wear Sparkles For Winter

Posted on October 22 2019

Sparkles needn’t just be for a party. 

Bring some panache into everyday life with rhinestones, glitter and more. 

Going to work? Sparkles.

Walking the dog? Sparkles.

Walk of shame? Sparkles.

If this idea appeals to you, then glisten in; keep reading for five ways to wear sparkles this Autumn and Winter.

1. Over Accessorise 

Autumn and Winter is the best time for the statement earring. 
When it’s so bloody cold outside that all you can possibly wear is a puffa jacket and joggers, at least you have your jewels to rely on.

Paired with anything to make a look instantly glamorous, statement earrings are a must-have this season, especially when said earrings sparkle.

Silver Diamante Teardrop Earrings

2. On Your Face

For the bolder amongst you (and we know you’re there), might we suggest wearing jewels on your face?

No longer resigned to festival starter packs, face jewels are a bonafide way to help cheer you up on those gloomy, winter mornings.

Unicorn Crown Face Jewels

3. Statement Blouse

A lot of people might be put off wearing sparkles because they can be read as childish.

Enter, the sparkly statement blouse. 

The statement blouse has reigned supreme for many a year after that white blouse took over our Instagram feeds and our hearts.

Since then, fashion-conscious girls and boys have never been the same. Inject some glitter onto that statement blouse and you have yourself a sophisticated look.

Evening Blouse

4. Tomboy Chic

We’re obsessed with this bomber jacket because it combines two very different aesthetic sensibilities, and does it flawlessly.

The silhouette of the jacket is oversized and boyish, yet the sparkles make it feminine and fun. 

It avoids any of the gimmicks that can come with dressing like a disco ball and makes a strong case for embellishing just about everything in your wardrobe.

Disco Bomber Jacket

5. Little Black Dress

The little black dress will never go out of style.

Adapt the tried and tested classic to this season's trend by finding a little black dress with glitter embellishments, like our Beyond Retro Label bodycon dress seen here. 

Label Bodycon Lycra Dress

Lean into this season's loudest trend. We dare you. If you want some more general life advice check out our Guide To Making Your Wardrobe Sustainable or our favourite Vintage-Inspired Looks for Autumn.

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