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Christmas Gift Guide for 2019

Posted on November 07 2019

2019 will forever be remembered as the year Lana Del Rey sung “the culture was lit, and if this is it, I had a ball”.

I guess we’re signing off, after all. 

2019 has been a very strange year. 

A year of great pop culture moments, the year Colleen Rooney became the superwoman of our dreams, the year J-Lo re-prised that green dress, the year Lil-Nas (somehow, no shade) broke the internet and the charts, the year Game of Thrones (finally, again, no shade) ended, the year the Spice Girls reunited!  

That’s a very long sentence, which goes to show the culture was lit indeed! 

2019, however, has also been the year of terrible moments. Boris Johnson becoming the Prime Minister, the climate crisis reaching a critical state of emergency, Brexit negotiations (still) ongoing. 

That’s a much shorter sentence, but only because we can’t bear to go on. 

Frankly, we’re embracing the spiritual cleanse of a new year and decade, and are positive 2020 will be a year of positive change. 

People like Greta Thunbreg are waking the world up to the dangers of global warming and people are taking action to stop it, the general public becoming critical of the un-democratic way our government is run and Love Island winter debuts its first ever season. 

Good things are going to happen in 2020, people! Which means we need to end 2019 on a high, with good gifts!

Keep reading for Beyond Retro’s 2019 gift guide, inspired by all the moments that made this year great (and not-so-great). 

1. For Everyone: A Cable Knit Jumper

Is there anything more comforting than a jumper?

Amidst the gossip mill rumour, a cable knit jumper was the only thing that could comfort Coleen Rooney. 

Seen in Chelsea spending the money she earned by selling a story to the press about a back-stabbing friend who sold her story to the press, Coleen sported a lust-inducing cable knit jumper.

Anyone and everyone loves the embrace of a warm, if occasionally itchy, cable-knit jumper. 


Cream Cable Knit Jumper, £29.

2. For Your Mum: A Dosage Of 90's Nostalgia

This June, the Spice Girls made all of our 90's hearts sing with glee when they announced six UK stadium dates. 

Nobody loves the Spice Girls as much as ye mam, so this Christmas give her what she wants, what she really, really wants. 

Unisex Spice Girls T-Shirt, £29.95.

3. For The Not-So Little Little Ones: Luxury Goods

2019 was the year that, in the face of impending doom, we all felt like treating ourselves to something a little bit fancy.

Nobody took this to heart as much as our now teenage-aged generation z. All the cool girls and boys were shopping vintage designer, fuelled by 00's nostalgia, monogrammed items of clothing were everywhere. 

This Christmas, treat the gen-zer in your life to a vintage piece. 

They’ll thank it for you later, when deciding which care home to put you in. 

Dolce and Gabbana Print T-Shirt, £35.

4. For Your Dad: Embrace His Mid-Life Crisis 

There’s no such thing as a cool dad. 

Once he realises that, he’ll be so much happier. But until then … allow him to embrace his mid-life crisis!

Gift him with a motorcycle jacket this Christmas, and although he’ll be over that  phase come January 1st, he will cherish the gift forever. 

5. For Your Weird, Sorry, Quirky Auntie: Pattern Clashing

We all have one. 

She kind of looks like Emma Chambers as Honey in Notting Hill. 

She’s absolutely bonkers, somehow always smells equally good and bad, and love, love, LOVES to pattern clash.

There is no more a perfect gift, then, than a dress that already comes pattern clashing, as that is how she’d style it anyway. 

Emma Chambers in Notting Hill, 1999

Checked Pattern Dress, £29. 

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