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1960's Vintage Wedding

Posted on May 28 2009

Did you know that during times of recession the number of marriages actually goes up? Hurrah for love! Your marriage can be credit crunch approved too. Why spend thousands on a designer dress you will only wear once, when you can get a beautiful and unique vintage wedding dress? Imagine the glamour, the ties to the past, the great honeymoon you can take with all the money you saved... Perhaps a 1960s wedding? You could be just like Elvis and Priscilla: elvis-and-persilla Priscilla and Elvis were married on May 1st, 1967 at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas after an eight-year courtship. A wedding is always a special day: it should be unique and show off the bride's own personality. If your heart lives in the 1960s then a vintage 60s wedding dress is the only way to go... 1960s vintage wedding dress 1960s vintage wedding dress and veil Vintage lace gloves 1960s silver heels flower corsage and lace gloves flower corsage 1960s vintage wedding dress £60, vintage wedding veil £35, 1960s silver heels £17 , white lace gloves £8, flower corsage £3 We have a huge selection of beautiful vintage wedding dresses from all eras to choose from, so swing by for a look!