If there’s anything we’ve learnt from the horror films, it’s safer to stay as a group than to split up, which is why pre-planned Halloween group getups are the best costume idea!

Oh, yeah, and the Instagram photos will be pretty worth it too. The only problem is choosing which fictional squad your homies could effectively pull off in time for Halloween, which unless you’ve all been binge-watching the same show recently, could result in a lot of who-owes-who and pulling straws. Luckily we’ve pulled together 15 of the best to make the initial stage of choosing just that little less terrifying.

1. The Addams Family

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky, which is why The Addams Family make the classic group Halloween menagerie. Aside from the pale makeup and wigs, all you’ll need is a couple of old suit jackets, a black dress with a white blouse for Wednesday, a sleek maxi dress for Morticia, a striped t-shirt for Pugsley and a severed hand. It’ll be a scream!


2. Rocky Horror Picture Show

Another classic, this time for those who are looking any excuse to wear underwear as outerwear (even if it is basically Winter). All you’ll need is a maid’s outfit, some golden short shorts, underwear as outerwear, suspenders and a classic pair of heels so that your most extra friend can channel some Frank N. Furter.

3. The Spice Girls

Spice up your life this Halloween and spread the message of girl power by going as the best 90’s girl group of all time. Sporty will obviously be head to toe in sportswear, Geri could be rocking a union jack, Baby in pastels, Scary in sexy animal print and Posh will definitely be wearing one of her many little black dresses. Bag yourself some 90s platforms for the ultimate homage.

 4. The Shining

Grab your bestie, a couple of baby blue matching collared dresses, knee-high white socks, mary jane shoes and some cutesy hair clips to become the Grady twins this Halloween.

5. X Files

There will be a lot of unexplained creatures roaming around come Halloween, so it’s best that special agents Mulder and Scully will be there to take the case. Print off some badges and wear with a couple of late 90s office wear looks. This couple costume can easily be flipped into a group project, just incorporate some aliens and extra agents!

6. The Simpsons

The best thing about The Simpsons is that there’s a seemingly endless supply of characters, so even if you’re not overly enthused about dressing as Bart or Lisa, there’s plenty of other options to pick from. Although whoever you do end up going as, please remember to shower before getting into bed or you’ll be washing yellow body paint off your sheets for months!

7. Ghostbusters

If there’s something wrong in the neighbourhood, you should probably call your friends and become the Ghostbusters. Not only is it a perfect Halloween outfit choice but it’s fairly simple to emulate, black work boots and brown overalls will pretty much do it. Just print off the iconic logo to pin onto the front and you’re all good to go.

8. Absolutely Fabulous

Patsy and Eddie may be caricatures of the fashion industry but their outfits still pop. If you’re going as Eddie, you’ll need a lot of clashing 90s styles with some vintage designer brands strewn in, Patsy needs a short black miniskirt paired with an animal print blouse or statement jacket: both with a ciggie in hand. Bubbles’ looks were always a lot more kitsch and outlandish, the bolder the better!

9. Stranger Things

An easy and wearable halloween costume, you’ll definitely be able to repurpose these casual 80s styles to your everyday wardrobe. Whether you’re opting to dress as Eleven with a pink dress under a team jacket or even just popping a trucker cap on to emulate Dustin, there’s something effortlessly cool about the Stranger Things styling.


10. Glow


Possibly the strongest Halloween look based off the recent telly. For those who haven’t seen it, Glow is all about the female wrestling scene in the 80s so think gaudy leotards, leggings, neon, metallics and spandex. The bigger the hair, the better.


11. Scooby Doo

Combining retro 70’s styles with spooky vibes, dressing as the Scooby gang has to be one of the most fun iconic Halloween looks for every vintage lover. Bonus points if Scooby is an actual dog! These outfits are even totally wearable casually too, minus the wigs. Let’s be honest, you know you’ve wanted some Daphne-esque lilac go-go boots since childhood but never had the excuse to splurge.


12. Killer Brides

Because it wouldn’t be Halloween without some good old-fashioned gore. Pick up a vintage wedding dress from our website, either pre-covered in blood or clean pristine, and accessorize as necessary. How you killed your husband is entirely up to you.


13. Star Wars

There’s always somebody dressed up in a Star Wars costume and this year it might as well be you. Han Solo would need a brown shirt layered under a waistcoat, Princess Leia in a gorgeous white dress and Darth Vader could be styled with an entirely black outfit under a fetching cape. May the force be with your look.

 14. Chucky & Chucky's Bride

A classic 90s black comedy horror, these two killer dolls are the perfect couple dress up! For Chucky you need a pair of dungaree's, a bold knit and don't forget to raid your tool shed for the hammer... His bride clashes a classic wedding day gown with a biker jacket. Don't forget to pile on the makeup for her pretty terrifying eyebrow/ lipstick combo!


15. Heathers


Become your inner Heather and bring your closest girlfriends with you. Think popular 80s high school chick: collared blouses tucked into checked miniskirts with a blazer on top, definitely opt for shoulder pads even if it stands against every fibre of your being.

Failing all these, you can just wear all black everything and accessories with some cat whiskers. Shop more Halloween looks online or head to one of our stores for the ultimate Halloween experience!

October 02, 2017 — Alishia Dickenson