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Tag Archives: Beyond Retro Brick Lane

  • 50% Off Everything at Beyond Retro Brick Lane starts Friday!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we promised you big news; we promised you a super top secret special event; we promised a celebration that would do justice to the last 10 years of sartorial heaven, and here it is: starting this Friday (18th May), for the first time ever we will be holding a three day sale at Beyond Retro Brick Lane, with 50% off absolutely everything in-store! Brick Lane is where it all started for Beyond Retro - that disused dairy on a quiet side-street laid the foundations for everything that we're celebrating this year and so we thought it fitting to put on an unprecedented, one-off event, not only to pay homage to the store, but to say thank you to you, the friends and customers who helped us to get where we are. For three days, you'll have access to everything in-store at half price. Just imagine the wondrous vintage bargains you'll be able to pick up... We'll see you on Friday at 10am!
  • Bands! Bands! Bands! at Beyond Retro Brick Lane

    Following a brilliant day at Beyond Retro Brighton’s Beyond Days Blowout, we’re now giving Londoners a great big piece of the action. On Tuesday 15th May, Beyond Retro Brick Lane will host some of the most exciting acts in music with Skinny Lister, Pete & Kerry, Men’s Adventure and King Charles all live in-store for free! Oh stop, we know, we’re the best right?

    Skinny Lister // 2pm

    Kicking off will be Skinny Lister, who have been described by The Guardian as “the new Pogues, but with better teeth”. Fun, folky and fabulous, these guys will be gallivanting around East London on their Vintage Pop-Up Tour starting at yours truly. With the unrelenting, tenacious energy that carried them through their endless summer of touring, the band’s performance is not to be missed – come prepared for flagons of rum, armfuls of fun and the finest young folk group playing today.

    Peter and Kerry // 5pm

    Come 5pm, we’ll re-kick our musical bonanza with the spectacular Pete & Kerry. The lovely twosome began their adventures as an impulsive side-project and have now gone on to take the music world by store with their unique soulful voices atop of electronic beats. The launch of their excellent EP Clothes, Friends, Photos has gathered critical acclaim worldwide combined with even greater live performances.

    Men’s Adventures // 6pm

    Formed in early 2011 by Jimmy Casson and Alfie Smith, Men’s Adventures are known for dabbling with a variety of genres mixing together obscure Hawaiian, Country and World Music to Classic and Contemporary pop. Time Out described their music as “Surf-cum-counrty with moments of lush, Florence-esque instrumentation and hints of tropicalia. Currently recording, Men’s Adventures have been tipped to be the next big thing for 2012 who you’d be a fool to miss! http://vimeo.com/41460368

    King Charles // 7pm

    Our very special guest this evening will be the extraordinarily brilliant King Charles. Celebrated for his unique looks, ideas and sounds and a promise of a performance you’re unlikely to forget. His debut album LoveBlood is out this week and the heart of each song is lit up by joyous pop and the edges are coloured in by wild and wonderful ideas. If you are the sort of person whose mind is still open to magic then you will very much like this… ;ob=av2e
  • Brick Lane Gets A Makeover

    What colour is Beyond Retro Brick Lane? Yellow, right? Wrong! This week we are pampering the store ahead of our 10th Anniversary celebrations (details of which will be revealed tomorrow..) and giving our oldest outlet something of a makeover, so from now on you'll have to follow the Green Brick Lane to vintage heaven. We just wanted to let you know and take this opportunity to apologise for any potential inconvenience - the store is still open as usual and our decorators will be out of the way with our shiny new interior complete by the end of the week. Come and see the results soon!

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