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Vintage Fashion Clothing Blog | Beyond Retro

  • Beyond Retro Presents The Alternative Escape

    Scruff of the Neck is bringing you some of the best new bands from the UK and across Europe, as part of The Alternative Escape (officially part of The Great Escape). Setting up camp in Beyond Retro, it’s going to be three days of incredible music and the chance to discover your new favourite band! And the best bit… it’s completely free!!

    In association with Reloaded and Light & Noise Productions.

    Join us for a cheeky after-party at The Kings Arms Hostel, where there will be drinks and more great music!

    Please see below for the event information and to find out more about the brilliant bands, and don’t forget to click attending on our Facebook event!

    WHERE? Beyond Retro Brighton, 42 Vine St, Brighton BN1 4AG

    WHEN? Thursday the 18th of May to Saturday the 20th! 13:30-19:30.



    Lacuna Bloome


    Kicking off the weekend, this Brighton-based band describe their style as ‘peachy pop’ and we are ready for it! Check out their Facebook for more info or have a listen on Soundcloud!



    Hailing from London Town, PACE are bringing us some alternative pop vibes! Curious? Have a listen on Soundcloud or check out their Facebook for more info!

    Joe Dolman

    Joe Dolman

    A Warwickshire native, this solo artist describes his sound as acoustic driven pop and we are intrigued! Have a listen on Soundcloud and discover more on his Facebook!

    Glass Caves


    Hailing from Yorkshire, this indie-rock band make their living from busking! Check out their website, have a listen to their Soundcloud or head to Facebook to find out more!

    Monday Tramps

    Monday Tramps

    This foursome from Munich are bringing us an indie-rock sound, with Rolling Stone describing their sound as a mix of ‘Beat, Britpop and Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Discover more on their Soundcloud or head to Facebook.



    Who is he? Make sure you are there to find out! In the meantime, research a little on Longy’s Facebook or check out his Soundcloud.

    The Lottery Winners


    Our headliners for this evening hail from Greater Manchester and are bringing us what they described as ‘Smiley pop music. (But not the rubbish kind, the good kind).’ Find out more on Facebook or have a listen on Soundcloud.




    We kick today off with some Brighton locals, promising ‘upbeat guitar based alt-pop’. Have a listen on Soundcloud or head to Facebook to find out more!



    Bringing their own ‘energetic, upbeat blend of pop, indie and post-rock’, this Brighton-based group won’t disappoint! Find out more on Facebook or have a listen on Soundcloud!

    False Heads

    False Heads

    Backed by the likes of Iggy Pop, this indie-rock trio from the outskirts of East London are bringing what they have described as ‘crack punk rock’, to the table! Read more on their website, listen on Soundcloud or have a look on Facebook!



    Hailing from Cheshire, this indie-pop threesome bring us a calypso infused indie sound, with Indie Buddie describing how they ‘combine their trademark tropical pop with raw guitar melodies’ and we are excited! Find out more here , check out their Facebook or head to Soundcloud!

    Indigo Velvet

    Indigo Velvet

    This Edinburgh-based band's sound has been described by The Skinny as ‘upbeat, playful, [with] irrepressibly bright compositions’ and we hear they rock some pretty great shirts as well! Find out more on their Facebook or have a listen on Soundcloud!



    This foursome from Leeds ‘wanna make your head bop, make you dance until you can’t stop…’ with their indie-pop vibes. Head to their website for more info, check out their Soundcloud or Facebook!

    Franko Fraize

    franko fraize

    The Clash describes this Norfolk based rapper’s sound as ‘oddly powerful’ whilst he delivers a ‘rough-hewn poeticism that finds both grit and beauty in the every day’. We can’t wait to hear more from tonight's headliner! Have a listen here or head to Facebook to find out more!


    La Lune

    La Lune

    La Lune (Olivia Judd) has recently been on BBC Introducing The South. We are really excited to start our day with her lovely mellow sounds. Check her out on Soundcloud or have a look at her Facebook!

    Young Monarch

    Young Monarch

    Bringing classical instruments to the weekend, this six piece band formed in Manchester, mixes the classical with the modern indie scene. Intrigued? Take a look at their Facebook or check out their Soundcloud!

    Fond of Rudy

    Fond of rudy

    ‘Outrageously catchy pop songs, things that linger in the imagination and burrow ever-more-deeply.’ is how The Clash describe this band from Brighton! Want to know more? Listen here or have a look at Facebook!

    The Hubbards

    The Hubbards

    Alternative, pop and indie rock are words that crop up again and again when discussing this Hull foursome’s sound. All that we know is that we are very excited to witness what has been described as ‘one of the most unique vocals you are likely to hear!’. Catch them on Soundcloud or Facebook!



    These Kent based describe their sound as an amalgamation of handpicked ‘elements of rock, pop & emo in equal measure’ and have been described as ‘... out of this world’ by Clash Magazine! Listen here or see here!



    Described by Hot Vox as ‘spitting social commentary lines, often spoken word leaping into soaring, hook-laden melodies and taking in subjects from greedy capitalism to annoying ex-lovers’ we cannot wait to hear these London lads live! Get a sneak preview on Soundcloud or check out their Facebook!

    Rory Indiana

    Rory Indiana

    This evening’s headliners are bringing us a mixture of rock, soul and pop for a unique sound! We cannot wait to hear this Brighton-based foursome’s sound! Have a sneak preview here or on their Facebook!

    Want to know more? Check out our Facebook Event!

    Words: Tatjana Nicholson

  • Prom 2K17

    PROM - the time so many high school movies have prepared you for. You’ve finished all your exams, you’re all set to get all dolled up and have the best night of your life. So here’s to a night of photographs, dancing and FUN! No pressure.


    The prom scene is the best part of so many movies, mainly because of the outfits! Stand out, combine studded belts with pastel hues and patent leather with frills and chiffon. Go vintage for prom, it eliminates dress anxiety (cutting down your odds of running into a duplicate of your dress by approximately 1 million percent), it’s considerably cheaper than buying brand new from a specialist shop, and don’t forget, vintage items can also be tailored to give you the perfect fit!


    Here are some of our favorite prom fashion moments from the silver screen:

    1) Pretty in Pink

    When you think of 80s fashion, nothing is more iconic than Molly Ringwald's dress in Pretty in Pink! (Made from two Vintage prom dresses mashed together)

    2) 10 Things I Hate About You

    Although the last thing Kat wanted to do was go to prom, she still SLAYED it in this classic 90s spaghetti strap number.

    3) Jaw Breaker

    Courtney doesn’t have the best prom night after confessing to Killing Liz, but what better way to do it than in a beautiful sheer gown right after being crowned prom queen?!

    4) Footloose

    Take inspiration from Footloose and embrace a full length light chiffon. Opt for pastel pink for a universally flattering colour that will get you in the mood to party.

    5) American Pie

    For all the guys out there, frills aren’t only reserved for the girls! Add a little va-va-voom & win over the ladies with a vintage prom suit.

    For a rebellious take on the whole prom thing. Shop our newest edit
    PicMonkey Collage
    PicMonkey Collage2
    Team a pretty prom dress with a leather biker jacket. It’s all about the contrast. Accessorize with fishnets, DM’s and the more lace, the better!

  • Fashion revolution week 2017

    Here at Beyond Retro sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we fully believe in fashion that values people, the environment, and profit in equal measure.

    This week it's Fashion Revolution Week which marks the fourth anniversary of the devastating Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in 2013, where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This brought to light the horrible truth of fast fashion and the true cost of our clothes.
    Fashion Revolution Week encourages us to educate ourselves and others about the manufacturing of our clothes, sustainable alternatives and demonstrate our support.


    We sift through a mountain of secondhand product to bring you the very best in vintage fashion. But only 1 in 1,000 items makes it to the shop floor. Our Beyond Retro LABEL is our answer to the other 999 items. Crafted from reclaimed materials this growing line of apparel and accessories aligns our passion for original design with a mounting concern for declining global resources.
    Made in a factory that is fully operated by us! Located in Western India (India is a world hub for industrial secondhand sorting) by a team of our 85 full-time employees that we know are being paid a fair wage and that they are being looked after - because they’re part of our Beyond Retro family.

    i made your clothes

    Take the factory tour.


    We have teamed up with Katie Jones, the Queen of crochet for a new limited edition collection for our Revolution Range made up of pieces all handmade in her London studio using surplus fabric and yarn. As a part of Fashion revolution week Katie opened up her studio for a workshop and discussion inviting people to come and learn the basics of crochet using studio surplus materials to create leather , crochet patches and chokers. Saving waste from the bin and giving your clothes a new edge!

    (Studio patch display via Katie Jones)


    Post a picture of you & your label!
    During this fashion revolution week take a selfie showing your clothing label, tag the brand on social media with the hashtag #whomademyclothes?

    Shop vintage/ Second hand
    Buying used goods cuts down on manufacturing demands and keeps more items out of the landfill. Another perk is that on average used clothing is 50% cheaper!

    Mend your clothes /swap with your friends
    Get crafty! Fall back in love with your old garb, patch up your old denim, Embellish and embroider, it’s so much fun. #Haulternative

    Stay in the know about the brands you are buying from, with apps like Good On You which ranks 1,000 fashion brands on their labour, environmental and animal ratings. Check out the Fashion Transparency Index - which ranks brands according to their level of transparency based on a questionnaire and publicly available information about supply chain issues.

    PicMonkey Collage

    We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet!
    Reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️ Fashion Revolution Week is helping to notify the dangers our planet could face. Be kind to our planet & shop sustainable!

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