Beyond Retro Presents 'Sugarcube'

Shoppers, are you thirsty? If your weekend went to plan, the party mood will be wearing off right about mid-morning on Tuesday. Embrace it, sit down and have a cup of tea with us. At Beyond Retro, Brighton, we want to ease you into the week with sweet tea, comforting beats and a home-made vibe. At 'Sugarcube', you can help yourself to free herbal tea and crunchy biscuits. We might be a vintage clothes shop, but we know a thing or too about the hidden hedonism of tea! The lace doilies are laid out and ready, crochet blankets adorn the sofa. Come inside and get yourself a brew! Every Tuesday from 1 March, Beyond Retro, 42 Vine Street, Brighton. 11am - 2pm

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