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  • Meet the Team: Scarlet Eden


    Beyond Retro is made up of over 300 talented people who play a vital role in the day-to-day running of our business. This extended family are located in all corners of the world, with each person having a unique story to tell. In this edition of ‘Meet the Team’ we catch up with Scarlet Eden, our Vintage Buyer who is based at our head office in Hackney.

    Have you always been interested in vintage clothes?

    My mum runs a vintage clothing stall and also a vintage wholesale business. I have relatives in California who also work with vintage clothing so it’s something that I’ve always been around.

    When did you start working at Beyond Retro?

    Four years ago I started working as a pricer in the warehouse. One of my good friends worked here and suggested that I apply because of my background in vintage.

    Tell us a bit more about your role as a Vintage Buyer?

    It’s my job to translate current fashion trends into vintage that we can source to sell in our stores. Our brand has such a wide reach so there are so many different customers that our clothing must cater to. We run a global business and hand pick vintage clothing from all over the world, so I have to make sure that we’re on the same page as our pickers. My role also requires a constant knowledge of what’s happening in global recycling, as changes in this area can make an impact on our ability to source high quality vintage garments.

    What are the biggest trends that we’re going to be seeing this summer?

    Denim is going to be huge. There’s also going to be a carnival inspired trend, think Rihanna meets Notting Hill. For festivals it’s going to be all about texture, with lace and crochet mixing with suede.

    What do you see as the biggest challenges facing vintage recycling?

    We live in an era of fast fashion where clothes can go from the design studio to the shop floor in less than two weeks. This means that in future we’re going to have to work even harder to source the best quality vintage for our customers.

    What’s your favourite thing about working at Beyond Retro?

    The diversity of people that I work with. I get to speak with people from all over the world on a daily basis which is great.

    Words: Louis Staples


    You've guessed it - Coachella is back baby!

    In the UK we're no stranger to festivals all-summer-long, but while we'll probably be suffering in dull grey weather for some time yet, those who are lucky enough to get a ticket are currently living it up in the world's most glamorous music festival. For two weeks, the world of celebrity descends on Coachella Valley in California to soak up the sun and new sounds. Anyone who's anyone is there - from the Jenner sisters to Alexa Chung and #badgalriri.

    At Beyond Retro, festivals are our all time favourite occasion to dress for. The combination of styles, patterns and textures is endless.

    Here are some fab looks from some famous Coachella attendees that you can recreate with vintage garms and accessories!

    1) Kendall Jenner


    We love how Kendall has paired basics with statement accessories. For everyday wear, this may seem over-the-top, but at festivals anything goes! Check our our selection of vintage belts and bags that will add va-va-voom to your outfit.

    2) Katy Perry

    It's so funny how Katy picks a festival of all places to look ladylike and demure. Not a squirty cream canon in sight! If you're after shades, we've been hard at work sourcing range of vintage inspired styles, including frames by spitfire, an independent, London based label who share our love for bold, beautiful fashion. If you're digging Katy's dress, shop lace dresses here!

    3) Suki Waterhouse

    Suki Waterhouse Wearing Hunter Jacket At Palm Springs

    This look is right up our street. To recreate it why not pair some vintage dungarees with a Beyond Retro LABEL cropped bomber?

    4) Rihanna


    I mean, it doesn't get much more fabulous than this, does it? Only Bad Gal Riri could pull this off! We've got Dr Martens coming out of our ears in store! Or shop our faux fur coats here!

    5) The Weekend & Bella Hadid

    The Weeknd and Bella Hadid match at Coachella in Denim on Denim outfits

    The couple who dresses together, stays together?! We hope so. In a nod to pop culture icons Britney and Justin, Bella and her musician boyfriend have us in denim heaven! Shop our vintage denim here!

    6) Vanessa Hudgens

    No one is better prepared for festival style than Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical starlet is famous for her girly boho-chic style. We love how she's paired a sparkly top with a long flowing maxi skirt, and we just want to steal that sunflower off her!

    7) Solange

    BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN. Instead of blending into the crowd, Solange steals the spotlight as she sets that.grass.on.FIREEEE. There is absolutely nothing about this that isn't amazing.

    If you're visiting our Cheshire Street store in search of the perfect festival outfit, or simply want to get your wardrobe summer ready, why not book a personal shopping appointment? Email for more details!

    Alternatively, if you want to get creative with vintage festival looks shop WOMEN'S FESTIVAL and MEN'S FESTIVAL online!

    Until next time!

    Words: Louis Staples



    At Beyond Retro, we’ve never been afraid to take a leap into the unknown and try new and exciting things. As many of you will know, in 2012, we started our upcycled LABEL range which allows us and reuse more of the world’s second hand product. Ever since, we’ve been more than happy to shout from the rooftops that we’re combatting the fast-fashion culture that’s taking such a massive toll on our planet.

    The way that we manufacture these garments also makes us stand out from the crowd. In a radical departure from traditional contract-based manufacturing, we’re proud to say that Beyond Retro LABEL is currently produced at a factory that is fully operated by us. Located in western India, we chose this area both for its proximity to our raw material, and for its people. India is a global hub for second-hand sorting and approximately 35 million skilled makers call it home! Plus, while visiting the region our creative director Steven fell completely in love with his surroundings. So all in all, India was the natural choice for our first factory.


    Our team is part of the Beyond Retro Family. As LABEL is made with existing clothing versus rolls of fabric, we have established a close working relationship to address the unique challenges that arise when cutting pattern pieces from trouser legs on the other side of the world. As you can imagine, modern technology is a life-saver and a lot of Skyping is involved between our designers in the UK and India!

    As soon as LABEL began, we knew that we wanted to be very hands-on with the environment that our clothes are made. We’ve always been crystal clear that the people who make our fabulous LABEL clothes should be treated with the same respect as those in other areas of our business. We’re immensely proud to operate our own factory and guarantee fair pay and conditions. Our 85 full-time employees are paid fair market wages for normal working hours, in a safe and comfortable facility that is maintained with care. In addition to our regular Skype calls, we visit in person several times per year to say hello, collaborate on our latest designs, and ensure both the people and the premises are in healthy working order. We also strive to source as many of our trims, zips and buttons as possible from the local area, providing a real investment into the community.



    As a business, reducing our carbon footprint is at the centre of everything we do. Crafting clothes from clothes in a factory across the street from our sorting facility yields a clear reduction in carbon emissions. This allows us to maintain a zero-waste policy: we can return any fabric that doesn’t pass the prototype phase, and all scraps are recycled back through the facility to be cut or shredded for use as industrial rags, fillers and more. In 2014, we saved 608 tonnes of CO2e greenhouse gasses and 64 tonnes of waste. Pretty neat, huh?

    See more pics of our factory below!





    Words: Louis Staples

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