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    At Beyond Retro we're always searching far and wide to source the highest quality vintage clothes and accessories for you -our loyal customers- to enjoy!

    To keep our stores and website full of the best one-of-a-kind goodies, our Vintage Buyers are in constant contact with a network of pickers from around the world. These pickers are based as far afield as India and Canada. It’s the job of our Product team to translate the latest fashion trends into vintage and forge new relationships with sellers of second hand product. Part of what makes our business so exciting is that you never quite know who you are going to meet and what you are going to find. It’s a thrilling time to be working in this area as the tectonic plates of second-hand clothing and global manufacturing continue to move rapidly.

    Our Vintage Buyer superstar Scarlet Eden (who we met in a previous blog post) has really hit the jackpot and found a seller of the best quality vintage footwear that we have EVER seen since we set up shop almost 15 years ago.


    We’ve managed to get our hands on retrotastic trainers from brands including NIKE, Adidas and Puma, but also Birkenstock sandals and boots, brogues and heels. We came across this treasure trove of fabulous footwear on a recent overseas buying trip. On a tour of the seller’s warehouse, we couldn’t believe the care and effort that had gone into cleaning and restoring each pair of shoes. Honestly, they are in such good nick that they almost look new!


    We’re so so so excited to have such an amazing array of colourful and bold styles to offer you. There’s more than enough pairs to keep our stores and website full to the brim for as long as your appetite for funky soles continues!

    Keep your eyes peeled to our Instagram for more visuals of this fresh stock, or better yet, come into store and see us! There’s also some amazing bags on their way too - stay tuned to the blog for more details.

    Stay classy vintage lovers,

    BR HQ


    Words: Louis Staples

  • Brighton Pride!

    Brighton Gay Pride Parade

    Brighton Pride is here!

    With the highest proportion of same-sex households, same-sex marriages and civil partnerships in the country, it’s fair to say that Brighton is the best place to be gay in the UK. In fact, as many as 1 in 5 of residents are thought to be a member of Brighton’s vibrant and colourful LGBT community.

    Aside from the sheer number of LGBT people, Brighton has earned the title of the UK’s unofficial “gay capital” for the large support network available it’s residents. This includes an LGBT specific mental health charity, a homeless LGBT persons charity, student organisations, sports clubs and, of course, a gay bar or two.

    It’s not quite clear historically when Brighton first became a haven for gay people. Brighton has always been a place where people from across the south have escaped to have a good time. It’s thought that in the early 1900’s the number of garrisoned soldiers combined with Brighton’s lively reputation led to lots of… shall we say… “debauchery”. The rest, my dears, is history!

    Brighton Pride began with a gay demonstration in October 1972 by The Sussex Gay Liberation Front, followed by a full pride march in July 1973. Pride returned to the city in 1991 with a march against Section 28, the law which prohibited children learning about gay relationships in school. The first contemporary Pride took place in 1992 and began to increase significantly in size in future years with the support of sponsors, pubs, clubs and drag artists. Fast-forward a couple of decades and now Brighton Pride is recongnised as the UK's biggest Pride festival, attracting an estimated 290,000 people to the City over the weekend.

    At Beyond Retro, we believe that everyone should be able to love who they love and identify as they please without judgement or discrimination. We’re proud to have a store in such an exciting area that is home to interesting and diverse people from all walks of life. Brighton really does sum up our whole ethos as a company. With the horrific Orlando massacre only barely behind us, it’s more important than ever that we shout louder and prouder than ever before.

    If you’re in town for Pride this weekend, our Brighton team are bursting with excitement to see all of your fab outfits and join in the fun, so do pop in and say hello if you are nearby!

    We hope that everyone has a Pride weekend filled with laughter and glitter!

    Lots of Love,

    BR HQ


    Words: Louis Staples



    Hello everyone!

    It’s been another hectic week at Beyond Retro HQ as we exhibited our newest collection of upcycled clothing and accessories at PURE London. If you haven’t heard of PURE - don’t worry - you can still sit with us. In a nutshell, it’s one of the biggest clothing and footwear showcases in the world. PURE is a place where fashion companies gather to show off their newest creations and forge new relationships within the industry.

    Our Beyond Retro LABEL range went down a storm, and we’re so happy with the feedback that we received on our AW collection. Out of 383 exhibitors our stand was one of three to be nominated for ‘Best Menswear Stand’, check us out!


    So why were we there? At the start of 2016 we decided to embark on wholesaling our product so that it can be available to buy in more places. We see this development as an exciting way to reuse more of the world’s second hand product and grow our pre-loved network.

    Our wholesale service allows buyers to purchase 50 to 50,000 pieces from different eras, styles and trends, and also includes our LABEL collection of upcycled designs. Our fantastic rang of LABEL bags are currently available in TOPSHOP Oxford Street. We’ve loved collaborating with TOPSHOP and hope to continue working together. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

    And who is steering our wholesale ship? Well, this is the job of our Label Wholesale Coordinator Nicholas Rogers. After graduating from London College of Fashion with a BA in Womenswear Design, Nikki joined team Beyond Retro as a Supervisor in our Dalston Store. After a few months on the job, it was clear to everyone that she had the vision and drive to bring this idea to fruition.


    So Nikki, have you always liked vintage clothing?

    When I was younger, my mum used to pass her old clothes down to me. Like a lot of people, that was my first experience of wearing vintage garments. I have an amazing pair of Versace trousers that I still wear now. I really like how vintage garments can be such high quality and last for generations. Nowadays clothes aren’t meant to last and I find that sad.

    Do you think that studying womenswear was beneficial to you?

    I think it’s really good to have background knowledge in making clothes so that you can explain to people the effort that has gone into making our LABEL garments. It’s also handy because I can discuss things with our LABEL designers throughout the design process. It’s also easier to gauge the quality of vintage clothing if you have a background in making things.

    What’s your favourite part of your role?

    I like to see how everyone else utilises our vintage stock. We sell to so many people who each have their own character and vision. Everyone photographs our clothing differently merchandises them differently in store and I think that’s interesting.

    Have you got a favourite era or garment?

    I mix up a lot of different era’s in my day-to-day style. I started wearing a lot more 70’s stuff when I started working in Beyond Retro Dalston, although I’m not quite sure why. My all-time favourite garment that I own is a red suede western shirt. I’m a huge fan of western shirts – they have such amazing pockets!

    If you’d like to hear more about our wholesale service or need advice on selling vintage clothing, then please visit

    Words: Louis Staples

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