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    One of the things that we love about vintage clothes is how they can be translated into present day trends. Throughout our stores and online, we love creating looks that are inspired by contemporary culture, and Halloween is certainly no exception to this rule! From TV to film and politics, 2016 has been one heck of a year. When the next generation of children learn history in school, they’ll probably learn about Henry the 8th, World War 1 and 2016.

    While we’ll always have a place in our hearts for classic scary costumes, Halloween can also be about channelling pop-culture references through your outfit. There’s nothing better than a well executed pop-culture reference as a halloween costume. If you want to dress up as one of the biggest characters of 2016, then there’s really no more creative way to do it than with vintage. Have a read below for a selection creative and funny ideas that’ll be sure to have you going viral on all of your friends’ news feeds!


    Copyright: NETFLIX Copyright: NETFLIX

    It’s no secret that Netflix have taken gripping TV to a whole new level in 2016. Stranger Things struck a chord with fans all over the world because of it’s supernatural plot twists and retro wardrobe. Set in the 1980’s, Stranger Things reminds viewers of classic films such as E.T and has been one of the most watched TV shows of the year. Every so often, a look becomes is so strong that it instantly cuts through public consciousness and becomes an iconic part of popular culture. We see this with artists’ costumes from music videos, but it’s far less common in the world of TV. Still, Stranger Things’ Eleven has already achieved this feat in a relatively short space of time. Take a look below at how you can recreate this look with vintage.


    Vintage Shift Dress Pink - £32.00 Vintage Shift Dress Pink - £32.00

    Bomber Jacket Blue With Pockets - £32.00 Bomber Jacket Blue With Pockets - £32.00

    Trainers Off White With Decorative Stitching - £24.00 Trainers Off White With Decorative Stitching - £24.00

    The great thing about this look is that it’s actually relatively simple to put together as the pink dress and blue jacket combo is instantly recognisable. If you’re wanting an excuse to buy yourself a nice jacket or even a pair of retro converse then this is the costume for you!

    Fancy going as one of the other characters from Stranger Things? Check out our team dressing up as the cast and SHOP STRANGER THINGS ONLINE. It’s a great idea if you’re heading out with a group of friends and want to co-ordinate outfits!


    Barb and Nancy Barb and Nancy


    Yes, we know, “The Donald” didn’t just happen in 2016. Still, as the US presidential campaign reaches fever pitch, we reckon that the king of darkness (and fake tan) will be a very popular choice for Halloween this year. If you want to MAKE HALLOWEEN SCARY AGAIN, then what’s more terrifying than Donald Trump?



    Vintage Blazer Navy With A Revere Front - £28.00 Vintage Blazer Navy With A Revere Front - £28.00

    Navy Trousers With Multiple Pockets - £22.00 Navy Trousers With Multiple Pockets - £22.00



    Ok, so Suicide Squad may not have had the best reviews from critics or fans, but one thing you certainly can’t take away from the film is that the characters all look incredible. Love it or hate it, the film was one of 2016’s biggest box office hits. At Beyond Retro, we love nothing more than an iconic female lead, which is why we’re picking Harley Quinn as one of our pop-culture faves this year. Again, this look is easy to create and you’ll probably end up re-wearing the garments because they’re all super cute!


    Team Jacket Red With Pockets - £27.00 Team Jacket Red With Pockets - £27.00

    Beyond Retro Label Leather Panel Skirt Blue With Popper Front Fastening - £45.00 Beyond Retro Label Leather Panel Skirt Blue With Popper Front Fastening - £45.00

    Boots Red With Eyelets - £50.00 Boots Red With Eyelets - £50.00

    Need more ideas? Check out our Instagram or SHOP HALLOWEEN NOW!

    Words: Louis Staples


    Photograph by Casey Orr Photograph by Casey Orr

    Casey Orr is a visual artist and photographer based in England. Originally from Delaware, USA, Casey now works as a photographer, researcher and Senior Lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her work is supported by Leeds Inspired and Arts Council England and has been shown at the University of The Arts, Philadelphia, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK and on the walls of HM Prison Leeds, the first time the walls of a prison have been used as a space for art.

    For her latest project, Saturday Girls, Casey is travelling around the UK photographing teenage girls who are out shopping on Saturday afternoons. We're so excited to be involved in this project as Casey brings her focus to Brighton as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial! This weekend, Casey will be setting up a photography space in our Brighton store as part of this project. We caught up with the lady herself to learn more about what she's up to!

    Hi Casey! Tell us more about your Saturday Girls project, how did it come about?

    I started the project in Leeds. I kept seeing girls with amazing hair and I thought to myself “how do I capture this?” I knew that I wanted to steer away from street photography. This meant creating a pop-up and shooting the girls against a bubble-gum backdrop to remove them from their surroundings.

    Young women fascinate me. I think that at a certain age girls start to become visible, to be seen. We start to become aware that we are being looked at and then try to control the image of ourselves that is given to the world.

    After my work in Leeds I was invited to the Liverpool Photography Biennale. I found that Liverpool girls are very open and expressive. Perhaps this is because Liverpool has always been such an artistic and expressive city. As this was so successful and different I decided to visit different cities around the UK. I don’t know, perhaps because I’m not from the UK I approach different locations with a more open mind?

    We hear you’re heading to Brighton next, what are your plans there?

    Having lived in the north of England for quite a while, I’m very excited to visit the south and further explore the narrative of what being a girl is. I’m looking forward to going to the Brighton Biennale. This project is about girls but it’s also about the subject of photography. Thanks so social media, how we see ourselves is so entwined with photography. Brighton is such an exciting city and I’m hoping that this will translate into the photographs and the girls will be more free to express themselves.

    We normally set up a pop-up in a high street location, then we wander around the surrounding areas with ‘invite cards’ for people to come in and see us if they feel comfortable. I normally look for people who have a freedom of style and self-expression. Girls whose appearance says something interesting about them and how they identify.

    Photography: Casey Orr Photography: Casey Orr

    What changes have you noticed since you’ve been doing the project?

    In the last year I’ve seen a lot more gender fluidity. Different people are identifying as girls and I find that interesting. I really believe that young women are the mark of a changing culture. They have such a specific language of what it means to be them.

    How long do you plan to make the project?

    I’m thinking the project will continue until spring next year. I better hurry up because the women I’m photographing keep changing so quickly!

    Where are you heading next?

    After Brighton I’m heading to Southampton, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast. I’m really excited to see what comes out of it.

    Casey will be at our Brighton store on the 22nd and the 29th of October - come along and maybe you'll get your photo taken! Want to know more about Casey? Please visit her website.

    Words: Louis Staples



    Going forward we’re on a mission to move our entire new product range to items made from recycled or upcycled materials. Do you have a product with a recycled, upcycled or reclaimed element that you would like to sell at Beyond Retro? We want to hear from you!


    This year we’ve decided to launch a new initiative to expand our sustainable message and product offering. As many of you eagle-eyed shoppers will know, we currently offer a range of vintage inspired new products in-store and online alongside our classic vintage and upcycled LABEL garms. Going forward we’re on a mission to move our entire new product range to items made from recycled or upcycled materials. This is an exciting new initiative and we invite you to come along on the journey with us. Our aim is simple - we want to bring our customers affordable and high quality products sourced with intent and care. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’re excited to see where this idea will take us!


    With this in mind, we want to hear from you. Yes, YOU! We are asking our customers and our community for submissions from brilliant and innovative ideas. Do you have a product with a recycled, upcycled or reclaimed element that you would like to sell at Beyond Retro? Or perhaps you have an idea for something that you think we'll love? As ever, we’re approaching this with an open mind, so if you want to be part of creating this story with us then have a look below and get in touch!



    Beyond Retro was started almost fifteen years ago with the aim of building a more sustainable world. In the years since, we’ve been lucky enough to emerge as the biggest vintage retailer in the UK and Sweden, and we owe it to you - fabulous and loyal customers!

    Although there’s no denying that we adore lurex blouses and 90’s bomber jackets, what really goes to the heart of our company is a desire to combat the worrying trend of fast-fashion that’s taking such a huge toll on our world. To put it simply, we’re all using far too much stuff and this needs to change.


    All of the clothes on our shop floor or website are handpicked from all over the world by our expert pickers. These pickers sort through 93 million pounds of clothing every year - that’s over 60 Olympic swimming pools worth of material! From this, we buy roughly 22,000 kilos every month, with the money going towards good causes. As for all the stuff that you guys didn’t love enough to take home, well that either gets donated to charity or sold in bulk. So in short - everything goes back into the system one way or another.

    And did we stop there? Of course not! We realised that only 1 out of every 1000 items that we were sorting through was making it to our vintage department. We found ourselves in a pickle - how do we save more garments from landfill? Launched in 2012, Beyond Retro LABEL is a collection that is entirely custom-made from re-worked vintage pieces and fabrics. In a world of throwaway fashion, LABEL is a new and ethical approach to producing amazing and unique clothing. We design and make over 100,000 LABEL items each year, saving an unbelievable 600,000 items from landfill!




    - 11th of November, 2016


    - Full Name
    - 150 words or less about you, your views on sustainability, and your brand/design techniques
    - Links to your social media profiles
    - A portfolio or up to 10 images of your work that you would like to resell at Beyond Retro
    - Your brand name
    - Send submissions to

    We're so excited to see your new ideas and continue our journey towards a waste-free world. Good luck!

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