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Vintage Fashion Clothing Blog | Beyond Retro

  • What's in Bea's Wardrobe?

    April is in full swing. This only means one thing, our wallets are out and we are on the prowl for summer clobber. Out with the old and in with the new, right? Or is it? Well, this month, as part of our ethical fashion initiative, we are encouraging the spread of savvy secondhand shopping and, in the face of mass wastage, saying YES to reusing our old gems! 

    Ever wondered what's behind the wardrobe doors of our very own vintage experts? 

    We have a good ol' snoop at their favourite vintage finds and see how second-hand shopping is truly done. Be warned... you may get wardrobe envy! 



    Last Thursday I was on annual leave so I didn't have any time to rummage around the stores for my weekly blog edit, 'What's Bea Found'. So, instead, I’ve hooked up with the BR press department and decided to contribute towards a feature they are running. The main idea is to feature one of your favourite vintage items in our wardrobes. There is no way I could come to that decision, so I've decided to showcase my most recent purchase!

    The last thing I bought from BR is this…. A 50’s hand painted handbag. Now, this is a take on an Enid Collins item whose studio was running from the 50’s to the 70’s. She created some amazing items during those years from wooden box bags to leather duffle’s. I’ve always yearned for a real one, but unfortunately I don’t have a spare £500 to spend on a bag! Her work was very organic, and most of the paintings/carvings are of animals and plants, topped off with lots of girly sparkles!



    In my lifetime I have seen 3 real ones. A vintage dealer friend owns one of them,and the other two were in museum collections. They do exist, but as I said they are rather pricey, making them hard to come by. Don’t be down hearted though! There are some great copies out there, just like this one!


    Yes there is a gem missing on the front, but I can fix that up with a trip to a craft shop and the wave of a hot glue gun. All is not lost!


    I can’t wait for the temperature to creep up a little higher so I can show it off in all its glory! I’ll be sporting it with Capri pants, a jazz printed 50’s shirt and a cropped Lee denim jacket, all finished off with my backcomb and circular sunnies.

    Store: Cheshire Street

    Price: £30.00

    What second-hand gems are hiding in your wardrobe? What is your favourite purchase from Beyond Retro?

    Tweet or Instagram to #showuswhatyagot and we will feature some of our favourite picks!



  • A Brief History of the White Shirt

    Now endlessly versatile, completely affordable and a staple in nearly every man's wardrobe, the white shirt is an item that could potentially go unnoticed or get overlooked. In fact this item of clothing is drenched in cultural history and its development in the modern day maps considerable social change.



    The shirt used to be considered an undergarment that should be kept hidden underneath waist coats and jackets. In fact it was only the collar and cuffs that were visible so for many years (throughout the 1800s) detachable options were used to add on to the main body of the shirt. This was because these were the areas of the item that got the most dirty but could also be easily washed. In the days before washing machines, when a family wash would involve hours of scrubbing, boiling, soaking and starching, the notion of detachable collars and cuffs makes a lot of sense! Nowadays, detachable collars and cuffs are highly sought after due to their rarity and connotations with traditional forms of dress.

    By the early 1900s, linen collars were offered in a variety of styles and had become the status-symbol of the growing office-worker class. We've obviously come a long way from the days when shirts were such a reflection of wealth, but even now the white shirt still holds connotations to class and status. The term 'white collar worker' was used to distinguish between men who worked in offices or corporate environments and those who earned a living doing manual labour (known as 'blue collar workers'). A navy coloured shirt could easily disguise wear and stains, so the crisp, clean white shirt became a symbol of social status and class.

    Katharine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn

    The diversity of the white shirt’s influence can be traced through many examples, including: Beau Brummell’s dandy status with his legendary white shirting; the Gibson Girl with her decorated white shirt style blouse defining ideals of female beauty; business employees in the 1920s marketing trustworthiness through the uniformity of white shirts; the fictional advertising creation of the Arrow Collar Man, with his rigid white shirt, promoting American masculine ideals; and the iconic 1980s Hugo Boss style crisp white dress shirt symbolising power.

    From the Hollywood glamour of Ava Gardner to the 100th anniversary cover of US Vogue which saw all the nine top models donning the same GAP shirt- It's long storied history is definitely deserving of iconic fashion status! Long live this fashion staple!

    Shop Shirts! HERE!

  • In the Press: Reborn

    We thought what better way to celebrate Fashion Revolution Day than indulging in an editorial filled with Beyond Retro's re-used and re-loved clobber!  Go Green, Go Ethical, Go Beyond Retro. 

    All things can recycle

    Change in form

    From floating in air

    To shading from the sun.

    So silk scarves are slinky skirts

    And cut out hats are collars

    Then sleeves become leggings

    And cuffs are pockets for


    Transformed, re-born.

    What is created

    Is re-created.

    Never say a cycle ends:

    It spirals on,

    It cycles on:

    Fashion and nature in tandem.

    Words | Carole Morgan






    Photography & Art Direction | Rachel Hodgson Styling & Creative Direction | Layla Abounour

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