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    It’s that time of year again! Pride is back!

    That’s right, fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels because it’s time to party on down!

    That being said, Pride shouldn’t just be a great day out: it’s a time to remember that LGBT+ people won their rights and freedoms by fighting for them. The recent shootings in Orlando act as a reminder that we don’t yet live in a world that is free of prejudice. Tragic events like this must renew our determination to finish what members of the LGBT+ community and their allies have fought for throughout history. That means that this year it’s important that we celebrate but also shout louder and prouder than ever before!

    Pride has been organised by several groups since the first official UK Gay Pride Rally in London in 1972. During the 1980’s there was increased hostility towards the gay community after the passing of Section 28, a law designed to forbid any teaching of gay relationships in schools. This resulted in a much higher turnout at Pride marches and rallies as queer people united against oppression.


    'Pride London' was formed in 2004. Since then a political rally in Trafalgar Square has been held after the parade alongside several other events in the centre of London on Pride Day. These include 'Drag Idol' in Leicester Square, a women's stage in Soho and a party in Soho Square. Each year Pride gets bigger, better and let’s face it - more fabulous! In 2014 a whopping 30,000 people marched across London.

    Still, marching is by no means compulsory! There’s always a great atmosphere no matter the weather, so if having few drinks and soaking up the fun vibes is more your thing then go for it.

    Soho has long been an area of refuge for the gay community in London. For many it was the first place where they felt accepted and could socialise without fear of judgement. Nowadays the tradition runs truer than ever, as Soho remains the first point of call for gay tourists visiting the city to soak up the area’s rich gay history.

    At Beyond Retro, we believe that everyone should wear whatever they want, dance however they like, love who they love and be who they are. We’re proud to have a store in such a vibrant and exciting area that is home to interesting and diverse people from all walks of life.


    If you’re in the area, make up artists from In Your Dreams will be on hand in our Soho store to add finishing touches to pride outfits this Saturday from 10.30am-1.30pm. Our Soho team are bursting with excitement to see all of your fab outfits and join in the fun, so do pop in and say hello if you are nearby.

    We hope that everyone has a Pride weekend filled with laughter and love. Remember: be loud, be proud and be yourself!

    Words: Louis Staples



    Many of you may not know, but our Cheshire Street store in East London is also home to our Press Loans department. This exciting part of our business is where clothes are loaned stylists, editors and celebrities in all areas of the fashion industry. The vast diversity of people that we work with constantly inspires us, and on any given day we can loan to The Guardian, Vogue, Celebrity Juice and Kylie Jenner - it really is that varied! The stylists who walk through our doors are an extended part of Beyond Retro family and each have unique and different stories to tell. Here on the Beyond Retro blog we want to share those stories with you all.

    In the first EVER 'Meet The Stylist' we chat to Kristofj Von Strass. Kristofj has an incredibly impressive list of collaborators including Schön! Magazine, Grazia, Selfridges and the V&A. This year he was also appointed as the Fashion Editor at STREETS Magazine! Keen to pass on his skills to others, Kristofj teaches budding stylists the tricks of the trade at the London College of Style.

    When did you first realise that you loved clothes?

    I’ve been fascinated by clothes from a very young age. I’ve always been inspired by movies and theatrical characters. I see clothes as a way of creating images for others to see.

    When did you start styling? How did that come about?

    I started off taking my own photos and then moved on to styling shop windows and mannequins. It then seemed like a natural move to progress into styling.

    What are some of your most exciting projects?

    Working with Sylvia Gobbel (Helmut Newton’s muse) was really amazing, and getting the chance to style people from film and television is always very fun.

    Why do you like to use vintage clothes in shoots?

    We are in an era that is not defined by any style. I find it inspiring when fashion uses different references to create something new. That’s what I always try and do in my photographs and that’s why I feel vintage works so well.

    What do you look for in a great vintage garment?

    Something that can be combined with modern pieces and bring something different to the table.

    In your teaching, what are the most important things that you want young stylists to know?

    Be determined, be passionate and stay true to your own style. Oh, and be very very organised!

    What are your favourite pieces from our website?

    I picked three super glam garments - very 'disco Queen'. The Mugler jacket in particular is fabulous!

    Vintage Day Dress Pink With An Oversized Collar - £35.00 Vintage Day Dress Pink With An Oversized Collar - £35.00

    Party Dress Black With A Boned Bodice - £40.00 Party Dress Black With A Boned Bodice - £40.00

    1980s Vintage Thierry Mugler Blazer- £160.00 1980s Vintage Thierry Mugler Blazer- £160.00

    Check out some of Kristofj's best looks below of visit




    Words: Louis Staples


    Festival season is upon us!

    At Beyond Retro, we love this time of year so much that it ALMOST tops Christmas, and that’s saying something. We are festival experts. Gurus. Connoisseurs. Maestros.

    For us, the fun of festivals is that fashion-wise anything really does go - whether you want to be more costumey and create ‘looks’ or simply be on-trend and comfortable.

    Being comfortable and practical is where the true art of festival packing lies. On an average night out you have a standard checklist of your ID, wallet, keys etc… At a festival, it’s a whole different challenge. You’ve gotta be prepared to survive in the (let’s face it, mostly wet) wilderness for 4 days.

    This calls for tough decisions. A choice between that feather headdress that you simply had to buy and more alcohol or food. Preparation is key to avoiding such agonising dilemmas. Check out our official packing guide that is sure to help you get the most out of festival season…

    First things first, it's all about the backpack.

    Mi Pac Hologram Mini Backpack- £30.00 Mi Pac Hologram Mini Backpack- £30.00

    When heading out for the day a backpack is perfect for taking snacks, alcohol, make-up or whatever else you need to have a fab day. This shiny Mi-Pac bag will be sure to make you stand out. Or why not go for a floral Beyond Retro LABEL number?

    Beyond Retro LABEL Tapestry Backpack Multi-colour - £29.00 Beyond Retro LABEL Tapestry Backpack Multi-colour - £29.00

    And who could forget the classic geek-chic bum-bag?! Fashion houses such as Balenciaga and Chloe have included bum-bags in their S/S 2016 collections. Grab yours now!

    Mi Pac Printed Bumbag - £15.00 Mi Pac Printed Bumbag - £15.00

    If you're lucky enough to have sun, go bold in a pair of bright red vintage shades...

    Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses - £10.00 Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses - £10.00

    Or play it cool in a pair of Spitfire lenses?

    Spitfire Puritan - Tort  / Gold / Black Spitfire Puritan - Tort / Gold / Black

    But if the rain does fall, never fear, because we've got an endless selection of bright and beautiful raincoats that will have you looking glam even if the weather is glum!

    Casual Jacket Blue With A Hood - £29.00 Casual Jacket Blue With A Hood - £29.00

    Casual Jacket Multi-colour - £30.00 Casual Jacket Multi-colour - £30.00

    Denim shorts are a must-have staple for any summer wardrobe

    Denim Shorts Stone Wash With A Cuffed Hem - £24.00 Denim Shorts Stone Wash With A Cuffed Hem - £24.00

    But if you're feeling adventurous, why not be bold with pattern?

    Casual Shorts Multi-colour With An Elasticized Waist - £16.00 Casual Shorts Multi-colour With An Elasticized Waist - £16.00

    Or add some texture with a waistcoat?

    Waistcoat Black With Folk Detailing - £24.00 Waistcoat Black With Folk Detailing - £24.00

    Festivals can be a long and arduous battle to get your hair in check. If you're sick of dry shampoo and can't brave the queue to the shower, use a groovy headscarf to stylishly hide your messy hair.

    Silk Scarf Multi-colour - £18.00 Silk Scarf Multi-colour - £18.00

    If you're hair game is on point, accessorise with one of this cute floral hairbands.

    Flower Girl Rose Headband - £6.00 Flower Girl Rose Headband - £6.00

    Finally, and perhaps unexpectedly, our festival MUST is a one piece swimming costume. One-pieces can be teamed with a skirt for a daytime look, and are perfect for showering in style. Ours are so fab you'll probably never want to shower naked again! Festivals such as Secret Garden party have areas for festival-goers to swim so it'll definitely come in handy!

    One-piece Swimsuit Black With A Built-in-bra - £15.00 One-piece Swimsuit Black With A Built-in-bra - £15.00

    Check out more of our Best Festival Picks online now!

    Words: Louis Staples

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