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  • We asked the experts to divulge their dreamiest dress moments...

    Today marks the end of our dream vintage dress month, so we felt like going out with a bang. We tracked down some of our favourite style influencers and fellow vintage aficionados to find out their tips and tricks to discovering that dreamiest of dresses, and when they knew that they had found the one . Here’s what the experts had to say…

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  • Our Dream Vintage Dress Roundup

    We’ve been dreaming of dresses all month and wanted to open up our wonder emporium to some of our friends. We invited some blogger chums into store to see if we could help them find their ultimate dream vintage dress… thankfully we didn’t let them down, and each one went away with the dreamiest of dresses that we hope they’ll treasure forever.

    What Olivia Did

    Lovely Liv from What Olivia Did jetsetted off to Ibiza with her dream vintage dress in tow.We think her simple yet stunning black dress made the perfect outfit for a summer evening in the Med.
    What Olivia did
    Rainbows and Fairydust
    Claire from Rainbows and Fairydust nearly went home with 27 dresses after delving through the shelves of our Dalston store. However, after some serious restraint she managed to whittle it down and choose this boho beauty as her dream vintage dress.

    rainbows and fairy dust 1

    Paloma in Disguise
    We loved the paisley printed beauty, Hannah from Paloma in Disguise found in our Dalston store. She really must have loved it too because the very next day she whisked it off on holiday to Sri Lanka (oh ok, her boyfriend went as well).

    Poloma in Disguise

    Maiden of Wood
    Looking super stunning with a crown of florals,Carmen rocked out in her dream vintage dress at Glastonbury. Is there a better place to wear your dream vintage dress…? We thought not.

    maiden of Wood

    Hannah Gale
    The gorgeous Hannah Gale found her dream vintage dress after trying on, according to Hannah, 75846587 dresses. That’s some serious changing room skills - we’re impressed. Thankfully she managed to find one that made her dreams come true, and she took it out for a spin in Sussex.

    Hannah Gale

    Hackney Rose
    Sinead from Hackney Rose found an absolute gem when she stumbled upon a beautiful 1960s dream vintage dress. It was a perfect match with her radiant red hair, and we think even Cinderella would have been impressed with how well it fit!

    Hackney rose

    Bloomzy blogger, Emma nearly gave up hope on finding her dream vintage dress until she tried on dress number 21 and fell in love. Well who wouldn’t when their dream vintage dress also happens to be the perfect LBD!


    I Want You To Know
    We knew Kristabel from I Want You To Know had found her dream vintage dress when the gorgeous gingham number she tried on fitted like a glove. It was the perfect find for a weekend out exploring London with her incredibly stylish Mum!


    If you haven’t entered our #MyDreamVintageDress competition, don’t fret there’s still time. So if a wardrobe full of dream vintage dresses, and an overnight stay at the uber-chic Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch sound like your idea of heaven, enter our competition here

    If you feel inspired to find your own dream vintage dress, have a look here at our range of dresses.

    Words by: Francesca Wright

  • My Dream Vintage Dress Lookbook

    Your dream vintage dress is a one-of-a-kind; it’s the dress that makes you feel fantastic every time you put it on. This month we searched far and wide to fill our stores with vintage dresses (10,000 to be precise) to ensure everyone finds their perfect fit. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got £250 voucher and an overnight stay at the Hoxton Hotel for you to win!

    To help you on the hunt for your dream vintage dress, we’ve put together a lookbook of our favourite styles – take a look…

    The 90s Grunge
    Can’t get enough of Courtney or do you heart Winona forever? A 90s grunge number will always have a place in our dress hall of fame. Check out our 90s dresses here

    90s grunge

    Folk Sister
    Are you a festival folkstar? Does a crotchet creation rock your world? A cute crotchet dress instantly transforms us into a 70s soul sista… take us to Woodstock! Shop our festival dresses here


    Summer Saviour
    A super-sweet summer dress, one that keeps you cool yet leaves you feeling at your hottest is a dream come true. See our summer dresses here

    summer dress

    Pretty in Prom
    A dress style that will always be a favourite of ours is the perfect prom dress because we all deserve our pretty in pink moment. Find your party dress here


    If you want to win a wardrobe full of dream vintage dresses, and an overnight stay at the uber-chic, Hoxton Hotel enter our competition here

    Words by: Francesca Wright

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